Avril Lavigne live acoustic 2002

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Avril Lavigne singing some songs live :)thanks for watching!

Avril Lavigne (Musical Artist) Live Acoustic (Musical Album)

Addy Villegas
EL MEJOR. \u003c3
Aguss FX
3:52 guiño avril a evan :3
Aladia Hudson
Saudades da verdadeira Avril!!
Ale_ LBS
A Avril é tão espontânea, amo esse jeito dela de ser. LBS forever. Te amo Avril♥♥
Alejo Muniz
Awsome video Avril is the best ✌
Aline Yasmin
Queria q alguém me ensinasse a tocar do jeito que ele tá tocando
All Things Bri
Evan I love you. And Avril no words to describe how much you mean to me..
Allan Ganzon Jr
i miss the old Avril lavinge
Anastasia karageorgi
Andrea MollY LBS
Te amo más que a mi vida 💓
Andrey Bychkov
Real Avril!!! No doubt
Anna moreira
prefiro ela assim do que como está agora... mas, óbvio que ela não morreu kk só amadureceu...
Arjay Uchiha
yes,,my best avril,,love uuuu,,
Baby Doll Tina
Omg I love everything about this!
Brian Rapp
1975 brian Rapp was the captain of the Beverly high surf and football teams at 15 years old at state beach we loved skateing the keyhole pool with dogtowns Marty crimes bob binniak baby Paul cullin and Jeff jones
Chazzy Chazz
2018?? Anyone?? Please see what i post in youtube🤗🤗
Clarice silva
Algumas pessoas dizem que o Evan era apaixonado por ela.Pra mim eles eram muito proximos e isso ficava bem claro quando eles cantavam juntos.Mas essa coisa de paixao nao acho que tenha durado muito.Pra mim ele realmente tinha um jeito de olhar pra ela no primeiro album,depois mudou,ficou mais distante,mais frio.Entao talvez tenha siso uma coisa pequena.
Connie Lee
She was so big back then ,90s kids had the best music taste I would say so
Denilson Trinidad
I love you so much avril my platonic of for life 😍
Dolllip Naive
i really like this Avril 💛👍 from 2002, she still rocks my world.
Donna Lee
Sko8ter boi was EVAN❤❤❤❤
Eder Sampaio
I think nowadays her voice is much better!
FinalW Ultratus
Gabrielle Forbes
Her voice was so much prettier back then.
Giovanni Soares
this is my true avril :'(
Hazel Valencia
im still watching this video . \ni love avril so im not really believe that she is dead hahahaha !
Irish Jade
2018 💖
Jahaziel Reyes
Still listening.
Jamie Garza
That awkward beginning!
Javiera cardenas vidal
I lo ve you
Jenica Ramirez
This is the real avril , Idont like the new avril
Joses Galamgam
2019 ,?
Kaenny Costa
2017 and i still love Avril.
Kauana Bonfim
amo ela avril
Laiana Fernanda Aguiar
O que dizer dessa pessoa que define minha adolescência... amo demais 😍😍😍
Leivisson Alves
this is Avril reeeaaaal. miss u :'(
Leticia Barbosa
4:33 \u003c3 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa * - *
Luciana Freires
Luciano Maldonado
avril você é única estilo emcomparavel sou seu fã n1 meu sonho é ir em teu chou .Espero que Leia e me ajuda de amo de seu fã n1 ok Bjs te amo !!!!!!!
M.E.R.C rucru
Manavi Khanna
The best avril was in best damn thing and goodbye llulabye cs it was all mixed she was carefree,fun,mature,and her voice grew better and she sang better in acoustics
Marcin tak po prostu :D
She is wonderful 🤗 very good guitarist 😀👍
Marlon Vargas
2016 caraiiiii bons tempos de avril
Mary Carmen Godoy
Aun escuchándola en el 2020 ella siempre sera la mejor :3
Mary Hamidou
I miss the true avril soooo much
Why old times can't back eh i'm too nostalgic
I love this sooooo much !!!
Mikasa Takeno
So this where rebond hair starts.. Kidding ilove you avril i remember my childhood year till now bcuz of you.
She is so cute
Min Yoongi
Myllena Marques
Real avril lavigne Cant stop wathing her videos in 2017I just realized that the song skater boy is about Evan u know cause he was a skater boy with avril and now hes a super star slaming his guitar, isnt that too obvious, plus avril of course she loved evan, thats why after some years evan left the band because of the fake avril melissa... Ow so sad :(
Im little listen to music ❤❤❤
Noel Liam
She is kinda dead now but I still love her face.
Nops Name
saudades \u003c3
Off Players
I don't know why some people say she's dead, her voice keep with the same timbre! Her voice is just a bit thin now.
Melhor música dela😍
Parsa Spr
I like that punk teenage feeling that Nobody's fool is giving
Esto fue después de la muerte de su abuelo?
PerrieEdwards Vevo
Heyy guys avril lavigne is can Rap 😂😂
Randall Mak Merfi
Какая, Она всё же прекрасная, ни смотря на годы и трудности
Rebel The Girl
I don't think Avril realizes how much we miss our fun loving, punk rock, skater chick But she is her own person she can do what she wants. I honestly believe hollywood changed her. I miss the I don't give a shit what people think i'm gonna wear my ties and different outfits Avril. That Avril made tomboys like me growing up feel confident when we dressed how we did because Avril Lavigne was doing it. I'm so glad I grew up with her as my Idol and not the crap kids today have, they're all forced to grow up way to fast and dress like miniature madonnas and britneys.
Ruby Quijano
this is avril
She's beautiful girl.
Saige Heath
Avril lavinge laugh out loud
Sam Lowthian
Her voice doesn't need auto tune ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
Samerah Mustapha
everything has change like avril...still love her.
Santa Diabla Broken Angel
Is she really dead???!!!
Shaffiyah Khatoun Akbar
who's watching this in 2016? :D
Shirshak Bajgain
thx from 2017
Sierra Longname
LOVE HER AND THIS avril lavign singing without a care in the world \u003c3
Sophia Whittingham
I'm huge fan of Avirl Lavigne and I really like your one of the song it's complicated and my happy ending
how fabulous is it
Tamara Lima
I love her voice 💟
Tjaša Zoretič
her voice is just..incredible*_* her laugh. i adore her. i always had and I alway will. she is the best. it's just sam she 'changed' in her new album. miss her.
WH Han
The real avril :(
Wonderstruck Hann-a
Angelic voice. I love you real AVRIL, i miss you :,(
Yu Zhong
I miss her so much
Zahira Sarapura
Me encantaría tener una novia así como avril ah
douglas biagi
avril \u003c3 sdd dessa epoca ... melhores musicas .... cade os little black stars br??
edylc adajacro
is this the real avril
It doesn't get any better than this!,...in 30 thirty years from now every muppet who never realised the talent of Avril Lavigne will suddenly understand it was in front of them back then but they were just too blind to see it...
I miss the old her
I loved her voice before, why did she change her voice?
iamjean kim
everything changes...
jhanella nella
I always play this when im taking a bath
Omg Evan, you rock bro
she was a teenager, we all grow some day, leave her alone
oi Almeil
saudades dessa avril Lavigne
regie resurreccion
avril old was awesome than new mellisa lol I mean avril
shiela enot
Avril super cool, very nice voice,I love your style the way you move ,everything you have it.👏..charismatic 😊
tiger rody
2017/5/31 and love Avril!!