Young Avril Lavigne - (All Old Videos)

I put all her old videos before Avril was famous together.There are also some old pictures of Av when she was little.Hope u like this one!

Avril singing in bookstore Avrillovehyve avril before famous avril lavigne young avril napanee let go album

Sad face = Boys on the Radio by Hole.
Alfonzo Loya
Amown Lbs
What's the name of that song on 9:45 ?
Avril's Air Conditioner
9:45 what song is that? :o
amazing video Thank you for this avril is my everything amazing talent
Bahar Eyüboğlu
avrill ❤❤
Bob Hart
My name is Gail hurt and she thought you ever Levine
Caitlyn Flowers
So cute
Carol Benevides
what the song at 11:00? OMG i know but i don't rememberrrr
Charliz Ephiny Macalanda
crazy ykfddddsjhu or super star.
Chu Hao Yen
i hopeur doing well
Csenge Csontos
oh my god
Dayse Daiara
Incrível... Nunca tinha visto este vídeo...
Deah Kaye Mosawan
She gave me inspiration to keep going😊 i have a dream to meet her someday\nI have a dream that oneday i woke up there is a tweet/ dm of avril for me\nI have that dream to be in a band with her someday.\nI wish my dreams to come true
Release cover of Kiss Me, please!
Don't Hesitate
Ahaha. So cute personally. So very beautiful face. 😍
Eduardo Cortezão
È muito engraçado a parte em que ela dança no quarto e bate no outro cara com um travesseiro.
Elisabete Perico
what is the name of the song she starts singing in 9:00??? \ncan tell me please??
Head above water comes out today 😍😍😍 I love Avril so much. ROCK ON 🎸🤘
Fabian Lavigne
Better than porn
Frank Keil
verrückt gut. sehr schön
Freddy Samuel
avril and his brother are the cutest thing ever
Geovana patricia
Glenda Valentín
I really cried at this omg :( Avril is the best.
God Eclipse
I love avril so muchh
Lavigne ♥ pretty and cuty
Hatcx _
Avril had one of the best glow ups I’ve ever seen
Helii i
ms jackson ❤️ great
Ice Cream
thanks to Cliff Fabri. You found our PRINCESS 😊😊
In 2 We Believe
It really humanizes celebs seeing this kind of thing.  I always liked Avril, but I do even more after seeing this.
Jade Padilla
Her hair tho
Jay Sandler
Man she was born talented , amazing.
Great video
Jeanilou Lavigne
She never changed 😍😍😍 I love her so much 😘😘❤❤❤💕💖
Jheniffy Esteffany
Jiawei Ren
She just so talented
Jodie Gray
Cual es el nombre de la canción que se escucha, cuando Avril llega donde Matt, su hermano?Les agradecería eternamente si me dijeran. :')
John Lumapas
How do I live Got me :(
John Tripler
Avril love your old videos of you singing so Young and you are truly fantastic and incredibly amazing love it always truly enjoy your music love YA yeah baby you truly rock and roll
Josue Martel
Genial !! It´s Great I love Avril....Before and After
Nice fangs.
Julia Lopez
she's so beautiful I want to take her home
Kimmie D.
where'd you find these?
Kris Hammer
Great video!!
Krystina G
Still such a beautiful voice!
What the song at the begginnig?!
Lamont Mapp Jr
what song is called?
Macayan Twinkle
i love avril lavigne
Maria Luiza
Omg omg minha divaa lindaa
Maribeth Sergio
your still my pop you av
Maryam Ahmed
i love it 
Monique Petty-Ashmeade
march 27,2000 two years before i was born
Nestor francisco Reyes alfaro
What is the name of the 9:10 minute song ????
Nurria YA
her voice is alive when he sings with guitar. Yeah, Avril is a real talented musician
song at 10:00?
10:52 best siblings
Pablo Azolin
the First song was in 2000
Paula Schmalz
Pravin Rasu
Avril's road in becoming a Black Star !! Thanks for the upload, Avril & her music helped me throughout my life and it is still helping !!\nSeen her all 3 times in Kuala Lumpur, 3 best days of my life !!
Princess Ballarta
Thanks for the upload. I love this so much 😊
Reza Mohd
who come here because her new song head above water
Robert. j
Where is Napanee?
Roses are dumb
2 songs before \
Seonmi Lee
So cute!
Sgt's Lonely Heart
She's so awesome \u003c3
No one needs to know and adia from Shania twain and Sarah McLachlan!!Awesome
Stella Ukie
Avril you are legend of lady rock. So sad and happiness story\nI pray you happy forever with your passion
Tiane Dutra
whats is the name of this song \u003e09:50\u003c ??
Tyler Jo
Victor 96
So you are telling me that she used to be a normal person? No way
Wanderson Alves Araújo
William Broderick
An interesting look at how the Princess became a super singer...... Avril is so fantastic..... My favorite artist of that decade... and this is how it began....
December 28th, 2000. Exactly a year before I was born.\n\nI was meant to be a lifelong fan :)
Napanee population grew up to 5000 to 16000000
Yeoja Sally
always loved her 😍
Zein Shion
Hi I'm just 12 years old I'm her fun
Zyan Rizky
she's my everything... if i can back to that times i will married her 😍😚😚😢
She looks more mature here than her style when she became famous.
Thanks! Just thanks!! I have been waiting this video!
drich namakhulet
avril is my inspiration
Ha ! Came across this looking for some videos of the Napanee waterfall. Yes, it really is a very old, and magical place with a lot of history with the fur trade and booze smuggling. Be prepared for talk to people when you're there though. People are SO open and it's considered rude if you don't engage in conversation in everyone all the time ! Lol. Nice video. I'm not into country, but she has a great country voice.
Love her so much ❤️
happy happy
Love you with my whole life
Avril grew up? I thought she said \
little black star
this is perfect video.I love her sooo much.
she looks so happy singing. so glad her dream came true ❤️
ronnie magpantay
like it
The perfect look features and voice so f lucky god...
9:38 the best version of 'does anybody really fall in love anymore', or what?
tatiane moraes
Aaahh como eu amo \u003c3
Василий Великий
И где мои семнадцать лет..
Черников Вячеслав
Меня завалило Лавиной Апреля.