How the World Map Looks Wildly Different Than You Think

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All of us have seen a world map at some point in our lives before, but it is very difficult to imagine how certain countries and parts of the world compare to each other in size that are far apart. In this video, I explore why the world looks very different than how it is portrayed in the Mercator Projection map. I then go on to explore how certain countries are unexpectedly larger or smaller than what they appear to be, and how some places looks wildly different than our perceptions.PS; Don't totally hate on the Mercator Projection, it's actually a really useful map for navigation and on keeping the correct shape of countries while sacrificing the size that we can all laugh about!Music is by Ross Bugden. He makes excellent music, please check out his channel!Link to channel:

Africa is bigger Mercator Projection What ... What country is bigger World map World map is wrong Wrong You know nothing about the world maps that prove

In Soviet Russia, size distorts you
Abhay Maheshwari
Ace of Alien
This should be renamed to \
Alif Haryadi
Sumatra is not a country!!!
Andrew Kasel
Flat earthers stand up lol
Anna Bubbles
You don't have to shrink things to prove your point. 3:45 Poor Russia.
Aーrーi 。。
Europe shouldn't be a continent...
Finland isn't Scandinavian!
BradenTheBoss The Garay family
I didn’t realize the size of Alaska. It almost takes up the entire size of Europe
CakeCat OwO
As we know, our earth is a sphere\n\nFlat earther's: T R I G G E R E D
You drastically scaled down Russia when comparing it to Africa.
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All disliked Russian
Den Harrow
Right in the beginning, this Ross Bugden person stole the music from Deep Purple's \
Deryn Keyem
I am actually shocked at the amount of people that did not get the point of the video. I am very sorry RealLifeLore that they are being as rude as they are. The point of the video was to show the distortion that this 2 dimensional map of a 3 dimensional object has, and its effects on perceived size of countries/continents vs their actual size. Russia is made to look much smaller because he takes it from the north, where the distortion in size is at its worst, to the equator, where there is much less distortion. You can't, however, take the size he makes it and place it anywhere else and say \
Deus Vult
This video summed up:\nA globe portrays true size accurately, a map doesnt. Use a globe.
Dev Patel - Ingleborough PS (1491)
All maps are wrong because there is no Wakanda
Dr Joey
PS Just glanced at the comments--sorry so many idiots wasted space here with inane comments.
But I live in neptun 😕 the earth good?..cuz my uncle just went there for a trip passing Mars..but I really wanted to go to saturn..its close 😢\n\n\nEdit:like for a free trip give away 😂
Eli 579
So my country is giant Australia is big
Elons Musk
Wow England is tiny
Fahmida Hossain
The fact about how huge is Brazil shocked me!
Earth is Flat
Godzilla 123
0/10 No Toyota Corolla comparisons.
Hector Mercado
I base my believe by kilometers and RUSSIA is huge
i feel like he made russia a really small country
I like potatoes
Plot twist: *the earth is actually the shape of a bean*
Ibrahim Eken
So incredible
It's Me Smuel
To be honest, Greenland surprised me the most. I never knew it was that god damn small when I looked at it on maps I always thought it was just as big as Africa. Looking at this video really changes my perception of it.
Ittadi somahar
Gonna Get my popcorn for triggered Flat Earthers and Russians
watch out salty western spies incomming down below\n\n\n...
Wait a second, Australia is bigger than USA, but Brazil is smaller than the US and bigger than Australia?
Jackson Larson!
No the earth is flat 0:12
another proof the earth is flat , the countries dont even fit on a globe , they have to be stretched out and made much bigger then they are to fit on a globe , like norway for exsample , its streched 2 or 3 times larger then it actually is to fit the globe, do some resaerch on it if u really care about it , u will find the truth and see this is not something i make up as a joke, as one of the people below has commented.
Jon Allen
Moral of the story... quit getting pissed off that a flat map isn’t accurate. Gosh. Talk about beating the same drum, people started making videos of this as soon as YouTube was a thing.
Joshua Mendoza
Real life: Russia is more smaller than the continent of Africa \nStalin:expand ,vodka and gulags
King Swirl 👑
such a small country had one of the most powerful empires in history, that's crazy.
Kyla Amelechkin
What. Just. Happened.
Kyle's animations and gaming and more
*The communists want's to know your location*
No wonder the Europeans wanted to steal Africa
Lyben Sush
Whenever people from the UK make fun of Donald Trump I just remember that how in the last 200 years, they’ve gone from owning a quarter of the earth to an island smaller than the Philippines.
Mad Master
Malke12 GT
Im from Syria. Im not Russian. But are you really saying that Russia is THAT SMALL? Just cause they would fuck United States life if they was fighting?
Master Jedi Sam
I thought everything was bigger in Texas. But now I know everything's bigger in Africa.
Mike Bircher
This is what a lot of Europeans don't understand, and why they wonder why we're not more culturally diverse here in the United States. They can drive 6 hours and cross the borders of two different countries. We can drive for 7-8 hours and still be in the same damn state.
Miraak Dovahkiin
Can we all just agree that the thumbnail is stupid
How big do they think europe is, usa is almost a continet by itself.
Mr Vegan
Africa is 30 221 532km²\nRussia is 17 125 191km²\nRussia is bigger than one half of Africa
Im like Antarctica , everyone forgets me..
Naoki Yokoyama
i dont get it
Natahn Dolar
Nick Singh
Is it just me being European or is no one surprised by any of this?
OnlyNoah Clutch
We could find a ton of crazy exo planets\n\n\n\n\nBut we can’t map our own planet
Pedro Hauari
*5:09** Ignores Mexico*
Peter Bechtel
The thumbnail has\n two separate countries
Peter T
Damn my 3 dimensional brain in a 2 dimensional world!!!
Canada is 2nd biggest country
Prince Kumar
In those two seconds when you placed one country on another... what happened to the natives there? Are they all right..?
Pur Willet
I still think Antartica is much Much MUCH bigger than they explained it on the video
Randel Casanes Nudalo
Did you animate that video while in the bathroom?
Samiya Yusuf
Africa\u003e All the other continents
Satellite Feed
Brazil was shocking, but the UK and France and the rest of Europe being sooo tiny was just incredible.
Shady_arty_ Lady
Im happy New Zealand was actually on this map
Sir Stevie
*As a Brit I'm loving all these disrespectful negative comments about our empire throughout the comments 'but' what I love even more is the respectful comments from our brothers and sisters across the globe.* \n\n*If we the Brits hadn't of been the modern empire someone else would have been and maybe just maybe they wouldn't have been such nice understanding people like most of us Brits actually are.*
Sunny shah
A teacher once asked me \
Can someone respond to this. They claim the maps are distorted. But when you use Google maps. You can see satellite image which looks about right, surely that proves it's size?? And it looks the same as the world map
let's be honest. The only type of map we should be using is globes.
The Senate
Cant believe small UK built such a large empire.
TheBluePC 5
Sealand and Vatican city is much larger than Russia and Canada combined
Trashy Person
0:12 the 27k dislikes are from flat earthers
Vasilijan Nikolovski
You DARE insult the size of Mother RUSSIA?!\nGULAG! NOW!
Vasily Morozov
Sweden is the size of Madagascar was really surprising to me
Vincent Lavigne
Im an alien so idc
VivaLa Fronk
My whole life has been a lie
WarBacca 101
That's why I prefer the flat maps with curved sides/more oval shape
XeTrOnIx _Official
Russian kids be disliking dis
Yeet Yeeted
You shrunk Russia over Africa
This was very eye opening
a potato
Unfortunately, I must say that this channel has the dumbest comment section in all of youtube. \nGreat channel by the way!
Well astrailea is a dam coutinet
big chungus
I have that map in my class it's so annoying
burnt f1ames
The us is just made of Texas California and New York
Mother Africa ❤
hacene s
إلي مسلم بيعمل لايك
that means maps are trolls -_-
Vatican City is actually a HUUGE country, larger than Antartica, the US, Brazil, Australia, and Russia combined!
nono trachea
Why when u put anything on the USA u show underneath it the names of the states
Why 28.000 dislike?
sarah harris
the moral of the story. USE A GLOBE FOR GOD SAKES.
soggy potato chip
that one dude that comment stuff
The actual size of Russia is this:\n /--------/\n(_____/\nI am not lying
Иван Габрилатов
*Вы там совсем ебанулись?*
Нестор Міхненко
Yes, Russia is not as big as it seems. And if we add to this that 70% of Russia is permafrost, the remaining 30% is just crap. Only 140 million people, with catastrophic extinction from alkagol and poverty. Conclusion: Russia - inflates his cheeks, like a fish-ball to scare the naive. The main weapon of Russia - is a blatant lie and bluff. I know that for sure. Hello from Ukraine.
Шпион с Востока
Kosovo flag-------\u003e🇷🇸