How the World Map Looks Wildly Different Than You Think

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All of us have seen a world map at some point in our lives before, but it is very difficult to imagine how certain countries and parts of the world compare to each other in size that are far apart. In this video, I explore why the world looks very different than how it is portrayed in the Mercator Projection map. I then go on to explore how certain countries are unexpectedly larger or smaller than what they appear to be, and how some places looks wildly different than our perceptions.PS; Don't totally hate on the Mercator Projection, it's actually a really useful map for navigation and on keeping the correct shape of countries while sacrificing the size that we can all laugh about!Music is by Ross Bugden. He makes excellent music, please check out his channel!Link to channel:

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Pff, we all know the earth is a triangle
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2 wrong things. 1: Wyoming doesn't exist\n2: the earth is a cylinder with a small top hat
In Soviet Russia, size distorts you
Aaron Tan
Adam Rozzon
So we are going to ignore that Russia takes up 1/3 of Asia and it's that small? Then 1/3 of Asia is pretty small.
Ali Khan
Still the world has much much more room left for everyone to just simply take!!
Alif Haryadi
Sumatra is not a country!!!
Andrew Kasel
Flat earthers stand up lol
Anna Bubbles
You don't have to shrink things to prove your point. 3:45 Poor Russia.
*_My life is a lie._*
We all know that the earth is a hexagon
Finland isn't Scandinavian!
RIP The True Size website
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Bon Bon
Its just that Europe is smol as cuck
I didn’t realize the size of Alaska. It almost takes up the entire size of Europe
0:10 here come the flat earthers
But if the earth was flat? Would this still Make sense...
You drastically scaled down Russia when comparing it to Africa.
Crikey Sam
The U.S.A is not a continent
i thought philipines is smaller than uk
Daan Heijnen
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Debre Szabolcs Attila
Deeth Irteen
If the earth is flat, how come flat-earthers won't hop in a boat and record their journey to the edge?
Den Harrow
Right in the beginning, this Ross Bugden person stole the music from Deep Purple's \
Deryn Keyem
I am actually shocked at the amount of people that did not get the point of the video. I am very sorry RealLifeLore that they are being as rude as they are. The point of the video was to show the distortion that this 2 dimensional map of a 3 dimensional object has, and its effects on perceived size of countries/continents vs their actual size. Russia is made to look much smaller because he takes it from the north, where the distortion in size is at its worst, to the equator, where there is much less distortion. You can't, however, take the size he makes it and place it anywhere else and say \
Deus Vult
This video summed up:\nA globe portrays true size accurately, a map doesnt. Use a globe.
Devasheesh Rana: Multi-purpose
The reason globe is made to study earth instead of maps
Dr Joey
PS Just glanced at the comments--sorry so many idiots wasted space here with inane comments.
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The fact about how huge is Brazil shocked me!
Findleeey Benge
Fun fact: Antarctica is the driest desert on earth
GOOD-Jitanad Nisamaneerat
I am so sad when the website is now unusable. :(
Godzilla 123
0/10 No Toyota Corolla comparisons.
Gorancho The Cat
Russia is big but no one lives in half of the country... their not thankfull for what they have
Green Tiger
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Hugh Is Boss
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Jacob number 1
You do realise that Europe is way bigger then you think almost half of Russia is Europe Siberia is Asian
another proof the earth is flat , the countries dont even fit on a globe , they have to be stretched out and made much bigger then they are to fit on a globe , like norway for exsample , its streched 2 or 3 times larger then it actually is to fit the globe, do some resaerch on it if u really care about it , u will find the truth and see this is not something i make up as a joke, as one of the people below has commented.
Jerry McDreamy
I can’t believe Russia is only an inch long
Johnny Jacob
0:11 **flat earthers REKT**
Joshua Mendoza
Real life: Russia is more smaller than the continent of Africa \nStalin:expand ,vodka and gulags
Kawaii Crunch
No the earth is flat duh haha
Kristian S.
You have to be careful when you say that the Mercator projection is wrong. It’s not wrong, and in fact it does what it’s supposed to do very well. It’s just not that good at depicting sizes. However sea travelers used it for its angles, as it represents lines of constant course, also called rhumb lines. So that you know where you’ll end up at any given course. For some, that is far more important than knowing the size of the landmass you’re approaching.\n\nA map isn’t directly wrong for not fulfilling every purpose you might imagine for it. You just have to find a map that corresponds with what you’re trying to find out.
Kuldip Singh Com
U just make Russia smaller dumb\n\n\n\nOML U JUST MADE ALMOST ALLOF THEM SMALLER GOD
No wonder the Europeans wanted to steal Africa
Luka Kablar
USA is smaller in real life then on map on world
Lyben Sush
Whenever people from the UK make fun of Donald Trump I just remember that how in the last 200 years, they’ve gone from owning a quarter of the earth to an island smaller than the Philippines.
Majorgaming Alex
But you said the Earth is round than showed a flat map
Master Jedi Sam
I thought everything was bigger in Texas. But now I know everything's bigger in Africa.
Mr Vegan
Africa is 30 221 532km²\nRussia is 17 125 191km²\nRussia is bigger than one half of Africa
My Name Is Shane
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no no no no no this is not true the map looks smaller but in reality its really big this video is false and also malaysia may look small but its big
Im like Antarctica , everyone forgets me..
Nahed Garaqish
he made Russia small but it's the biggest country!
Neel Prabhu
The two figures of Russia in the thumbnail aren't even the same shape.
Nick Diviccaro
Ha not so big now Russia
Nick Singh
Is it just me being European or is no one surprised by any of this?
Pasty Smasher
Missed the Greenland Africa comparison. They look the same size on the Mercator. This is the most eye opening example
Peter Bechtel
The thumbnail has\n two separate countries
Canada is 2nd biggest country
Português Portuguese
So the great Portuguese empire is so big...😄
RH9 JanDey
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Scarpa Henrique
No! The earth is not flat nor is it round. It is hexagonal. I have proofs. Send me 1.000 by paypal and I'll send u the proofs.
Shadow Hellcat
The only reason why people use flat maps is because they don't want to piss off flat earthers using a globe.
Sunny shah
A teacher once asked me \
The Earth is a potato
Can someone respond to this. They claim the maps are distorted. But when you use Google maps. You can see satellite image which looks about right, surely that proves it's size?? And it looks the same as the world map
TSM GrouchyKing11
27k flat earthers disliked, come on people we all know earths true shape is a pear.
let's be honest. The only type of map we should be using is globes.
Why are you assuming the countries’s gender?
Te Kohu Wallace
Im happy New Zealand was actually on this map
The Senate
Cant believe small UK built such a large empire.
Thembelani Mkhize
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Vasilijan Nikolovski
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Vincent Lavigne
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VivaLa Fronk
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WarBacca 101
That's why I prefer the flat maps with curved sides/more oval shape
Texas = 268,597 square miles. Population 27 million. \n\nGermany = 137,983 square miles. Population 81 million.\n\nJapan = 145,932 square miles. Population 127 million.\n\nMonaco = 499 acres. Population 38 thousand.\n\nRoads near me when going to and from work = Population 697 quadrillion. \u003e(
Woodvine & Co
Tasmania is not south of Australia, Tasmania is Australia :p
Yeet Yeeted
You shrunk Russia over Africa
This was very eye opening
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I feel bad for the website.
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a potato
Unfortunately, I must say that this channel has the dumbest comment section in all of youtube. \nGreat channel by the way!
At 2:09 he said the whole continete of US. US is a country
hezekiah mchenry
Cant believe people that thinks the earth is round
So did people skip 6th grade geography class on the day map projections were taught?
pashalis ioannidis
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he made russia so small, that all russian will kill him if they see him. and he made every country bigger or smaller as he wanted it to have... why?!
sarah harris
the moral of the story. USE A GLOBE FOR GOD SAKES.
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