Massive City Is 6 Times The Size Of New York But Almost No One Goes Inside It

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As soon as I saw the thumbnail I already thought of Top Gear\
Australia built the city of Canberra from scratch to be the New capital of Australia and for the first couple of decades it was only populated by a few bureaucrats and necessary support staff.. It took a long time because it developed a real economy.. Canberra is still not a big city and probably never will be... City's that grow large and rich have to be positioned in just the right location for national and international trade..
Air Espenilla
The Population Density setting is set to very low. New York is on Ultra settings
Alan Treharne
this has agenda 21 written all over it
Xixi Ping began building these cities and everywhere you look there are cranes with new buildings rising everywhere. I just got back from South China and there were new cities in Shenzhen that were basically the same way. Shenzhen is home to 27 million people. I was told these uninhabited cities were being built to bring the rural people to the local communities and build upon them. Giving everyone a home, a job and a place of business. The Chinese believe in hard work and they also were told if they work hard now and accept a low amount for their labors, they'll reap the rewards later and their children will inherit their hard work. These cities.. are human bank accounts. They're banking on their futures building now and filling them later.
Arnaldo Capo
What makes NYC great is the people not the place itself. That city is missing it.
Austin A
All I can think about is ripping a McLaren down that highway...
Ben-Laden Bernanke
They may have gone at this \
Bill Olsen
Myanmar must have lots of natural resources, otherwise the British government wouldn't have spent almost 65 years stealing it away from it's people.
didn't Jeremy, James and Richard visit this place. played football on those huge roads in the rain ?
Blame USA
Blatant military facility! That 30 car wide highway is obviously a runway!
Blue Beatle
This is bs. It might be true 7 yrs ago when Burma was under the military regime. No foreigner allowed is total bs. I was there last year as a tourist and I'm not the only tourist there.
Burmese Python
I am Burmese and let me give you the facts. Mr. You need to do your homework before putting false information on your video. First of all, outsiders are welcome to the city. Why do you think they built so many hotels there? Second, the city is largely empty during the day time because it's hot like hell and trust me you don't want to be out there. But when the sun starts to set the streets come alive. Because the city is so huge you can't expect every street to be full of activities. Third, the reason the capital was moved was because of a fortune teller. It's sad but that is the inside scoop. Wish I could give you guys more details but I need my neck. 😢 Folks if you're thinking of traveling to Burma you won't be disappointed. The only disappointment might be how hot and humid it is. Go during the water festival you'll never forget the adventure. God bless you and keep you safe.
Hmmm.......... i wonder how many people will try to trespass after seeing and hearing this just so they can reveal why the hidden leaf village i mean that town doesnt want people unless you were born there.
C Y?
Maybe the underground tunnels connect to the underground city under Denver International Airport.
Chay Lee
Another communist shithole in the continent of asia as usual!! The government bought all their luxury items from the west, came back to trash their own country, at the same time selling snake oil to its own citizens!! Tragic isnt it!!
Cherev Kodesh
Maybe this is why it's empty:\nMyanmar is a country rich in jade and gems, oil, natural gas and other mineral resources. In 2013, its GDP (nominal) stood at US$56.7 billion and its GDP (PPP) at US$221.5 billion.[13] The income gap in Myanmar is among the widest in the world, as a large proportion of the economy is controlled by supporters of the former military government. Wiki.
Chris Bassell
Why are there so many big citys epty is like there are country's that are going take people in ! Or they are preparing for somthing big going to hapen!! Like a major catastrophic event!!!
Colton Guadarrama
Ooooooohhh..Ghost rider?
Conner Deppe
I would love to walk around there
I tried to start a Youtube channel once. I invested a lot of time and money. I made a ton of videos, had an artist friend create channel art, a logo, had an intro animation made...the works. I created social media accounts too. I had everything in place to handle all the subscribers I was gonna get. I was really excited to release my content but my channel never really took off. I feel like that's what happened here.
Cord Cantrell
A city that is 6 times bigger than Manhattan. Designed to hold a million people. Anyone else catch that.
CountryBlue Wolf
50 thousand people used to live it's a ghost town
This sucks for the dude who is late for work. Bossman be like \
Curious Otter
Skateboarders paradise
Daniel Moore
I live here. We grow alot of beans and ship them to various places around the Earth as well as Mars. We will start on Mercury in a few billion light years but right now we can only ship our beans to Earth and Mars. We also shoot lasers from our eyes but that's not important.
Deeclassify LS-RP
This is like when you activate unlimited money for the first time.
Digvijay Parmar
Is this FOR sale. Thank you
Donald Storm
That place looks really spooky something is going on there what I do not know? And they don't want people there either very strange very strange indeed.
Fresh Produce
I live there. We're all disfigured from the great radioactive war, so we must stay underground when the public comes to take pictures. Over 7 million people live in the tunnels underground alone. Plus, my sister is an elf from all the radiation. We still feed her and take care of her and stuff but she's not allowed in the house anymore..
How can a capital city be off limit to westerners unless they are politically isolated like North Korea?
*Maybe we should send Hillary here and everybody will forget about her just like the city itself.*
Got2Balls Manymore
First, you need to understand Myanmar political system and then you can understand why this ghost city was built. The people of the world don't know is that Myanmar is an authoritarian military-run political system, and the military is under Chinese government control. China doesn't advertise it but it is a puppet government. As you know, China loves to build the ghost city to expand the GDP. This city was built for the benefit of the Chinese government. That how the Chinese got the grips hold of the country's government through debts, and in return, they will get all minerals and natural resources. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese start to send their own people from the mainland in China to live in Myanmar new shining city, and of course, Myanmar people can't do a damn thing about it.
Hilrie kemp
Getting ready for the zombie apocalypse lol
I have autism
The Military regime is slowly losing power since they handed power over to the NLD party years ago, they have only 11 seats in parliament, I wouldn't say our state is runned by the military.
Insight Curiosity.
dead energy.
Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage
Street racing down the massive highways would be fun
Except for the militaristic regime of a government, this place sounds perfect! Hardly anyone in my way AND Wi-Fi?!
James Pino
the city of the elite ........................they know what is coming so they have build cities to run to when the going gets tough.....................................
Joe Swanson
Top Gear Already did this.
Jorge Masvidal’s Hairline
I am so damn confused.
So many experts, and they all come here, to the comments section!
Karthik R
Who else remember the Top gear burma special...!!??
Lenext Owens
By 2020 this place will be fully populated
Lousy Gaming
M. S. L.
Six times the size of New York... Holds almost a million people... Lol...
Mindy Aguliar
It's true this place is deserted, just Google map it. But it is not 6 times the size of NYC, there is not one sky scraper and the main part is a bunch of government buildings. True, it is creepy though.
The comments are more fascinating and much more FUNNY on this video. The BEST comments I've ever seen!!
Mr. Vezripple
this would be a sick place to film a skate vid
Top Gear went there so there is video of this place. They built the massive infrastructure because they plan on people moving there instead of running into the problem that most cities have with not enough infrastructure for the populace.
I think these are hunger game cities for the future for when they confine us to cities to keep control of us.
Nana Danka Fianko
Nate Ashton
This is like entertainment 720...
Never Lucky m8
Easy. Go to Thailand a friendly western country then drive through the south and travel north.
No Bob
He just repeats himself.\nHe Repeats himself.\nHe really repeats himself.\nAHHHHH!!!
Ome Omi
this guy hasn't been there and isn't allowed in but knows all the facts?.... ANTI-COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA \u003e\u003c
PAul Schalkham
All I'm gonna say for them roads are koenisegg one
Paul Thompson
Myanmar is rather ran by a very \
Petrin Krastev
Top Gear went there during the filming for they Burma Special Episode :)
Phillip Brewster
guess again the city is allways so empty because its government systematically genocides its citizens for \
Post posterous
This Country... ( Formerly known as Burma ) Not so \
Quan Henry
Manhattan isn't even that big, it's just compact. Everything in the world neatly packed in to one little place.
Richard Halter
This was featured on a Top Gear Special where they played a pickup football(Soccer) game on the highway.
Robert Horsfield
Defense updates.. That you?
Myanmar has a long ancient history of building massive capitals at the change of rulers. When one emperor would died, they would all abandon the entire city, treat it as a mausoleum, and move up river to rebuild another luxurious seat of government for the succeeding emperor. My guess is this was an attempt to make a cultural statement against any type of regime change; that the current government should be considered as well-founded at the emperors of old.
Roy Hillis
Tbh this place looks more like a region or a state. it isn't well built up if you look on Google maps. so whilst it is huge, it's like saying Scotland is bigger than NYC
Rõb Chåmbërlãin
You realise this place was on a episode of topgear right ? They played football on the huge highways
Sakura Christine Ito
Wait, isn't Myanmar the country that kills a lot of Muslim Rohingyas?? That's what I always have in mind whenever I hear that name..I've been hearing about it on the news here in Japan. It's truly despicable that the government and military are able to do such thing to a minority group. I hope God will bring justice and peace for us all!!!
Sammuel Parris
This city exists because of government corruption. The politicians spent tax payer money to build it and got huge kick backs from the builders for giving them buisness. All of this is basically theft from the Burmese people
Samuel Tan
Actually it's pronounced as \
Silly Moustache
In the first 20 seconds he speaker reveals a total ignorance of England (referring to London)and Tokyo in Japan (for a whole day!) If so uninformed about two easily accessible cities/countries, how much credence could we give the comments about less accessible places. The last words are \
Sky Anthro
Definitely made for racing ^-^ it even has the red and white things on the sides of the streets
Snoopys MX5
I wanna live there dope wifi and empty highways count me in
Stephen Lacher
Built by government...which has NO idea what makes an economy run.
Sukhbir Sekhon
what a waste.
Sweaty Sweety
The city's name is Naypyidaw. He mentioned it in the video.
TJ Clarke
Naypyidaw. The Wikipedia article on the city says it is the home of more than 900,000 people. It was host city for the Southeast Asian Games in 2013, when more than 4700 athletes from 11 nations competed in 460 events. What little information this video repeats over and over is largely untrue.
The Hunter
The problem is their own Facist Dictatorship government
Population at its lowest
Todd P.
How do you spell the name of this city?
billy bilo
This is complete bullshit fake news. The size of Naypyidaw (city) is one sixth the size of London making it a lot smaller than New York. People do live there but most of the city is under construction also people are allowed to visit Naypyidaw.
chris verma
I m from Myanmar and its different now ... shifting to new capital takes time yes it doesnt happen overnight .. and tourists and whoever can come and go as they please .. since the country got democracy .. do update your video its not crazy
thats where all the meth and heroinmoney is gone.
Here's my theory, the former capital Yangon sits on a low river plain. The government was anticipating in the future a rise in sea levels and that the Former capital Yangon would be inundated with water. So they built the foundation of a massive megalopolis in hopes that the country would still have a functioning capital in the future when this does happen.
Naypyidaw is not \
jugernaut shaw
I feel like doing 200 down that highway in my m2 and r33
I want waffles but I don't want to go to the store.
This city was built as a strategic military move. One intent was to move the seat of power away from the coast to make quick invasion/take over by sea less tempting. Same was done in India during late British moved away from coastal Calcutta to inland New Delhi. (Old Delhi was already there).\n\nThis may also have been internal strategic move. Myanmar is ruled by the Burman ethnic group, but there are others, and scores are not yet fully settled. I'll just bet ya anyone living in Naypyitaw is Burman. \n\nLastly, this may have something to do with Opium trade.....could be this new city is a centralized hub for opium transit. Naypyitaw is in Shan state, where in the 70s and 80s Kuhn Saw had built a rival rebel Kingdom in all but legal status, controlling a big part of the Opium trade.
rick chase
Bullshit. I drive there all the time. Not a ghost town. Great open city. Everyone here knows where it is.
sam hawkz
Its reserve for dooms day?
simbi Muniafu
Take all the Muslims who like violence and praying on the streets there!all your problems will be solved😱
The ruling despots live there...If I were wealthy and in total power...I too would want a metropolis left only to me, my family and those only I associate class of people.  No poor, slums...I mean,...if you start a city from scratch...why not...
the artist formally known as craig lastname
Would be good if the name of the city was put in the description.
Myanmar has got to be the biggest cover I've ever seen in my life, something is going on there that they don't want you to know about...
Dumb arse Americans posting here going on about Socialism and Communism. They can't see the irony of being brainwashed by their Government for decades. Talk about insular!
That 12-14 lane motorway with no central partition suggests the city is empty because the simple stuff got overlooked in the planning of this grand project 😂😂😂😂
꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂
We are legend !!!