The Size of the Universe 4

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The 1500 object size comparison is HERE! The video comes earlier and takes 30 days to work.Hope you watch the Early 2015,2015,2016,2nd version and 3rd version.Songs used:Kevin MacLeod-Easy LemonRoss Budgen-Flight HymnNeksus-Lights OutSilent Partner-How It BeganAlan Walker-FadePwnage101-Close Combat(Remastered)Kevin MacLeod-MinimaUndertale (remix by yuuyu_sry)-Snow! Snow! Snow!Kevin MacLeod-Our Story BeginsTobu-MesmerizeAlan Walker-SpectreNOTE:I'm not stole the outro from 큐즈비P.The sizes of countries is based from its area.

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5812 Valkyrie
So Indonesia is bigger then the sun, that makes sense
8.24 Y.T
GOOD VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ \n\nand\n\nThank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aarex Tiaokhiao
Outside of the omniverse is, The Outside (The big void outside of the omniverse) and The Box (All classes of everything).
Did anyone actually watch the entire video.
Artism Scrub
Ok, so let me get this straight\nEarth = 12,700,000 m\nSum of all landmass on Earth = 154,100,000,000 m\n_this don't add up_
Artur Bit
26:48 all invisible here, but you can see asia
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
BRPD Productions
You forgot the space needle in Seattle.
Baldi gamer
I did a 312 object version.
Bohdan Šiser
When you dont have music to have in tge video use undertale remixed OST its that easy XD
Oh my, you got too much fun with measurements.
Danidanijr Phone
Daniela Foye
You forgot Amphicoelias
Enzo Maiorano
WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!\nHarpalyk and 3753 Chruitne are actually called Harpalyke and 3753 Cruithne.\nThe Countries are in the wrong size.\nDysomia is larger then Mimas, Proteus, Miranda and Enceladus.
Eric Payne
Fuong Banh
Nice song comparison farts
Gamers Thug life
1st First!!!!!!!
Geo does Minecraft
Hao Yu
China is bigger than USA
Harris Tsang
How about Kepler-377?
Hong Bo Pan
sooooooooooooooooooooo much in the atoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jahja Siswandi
what??????? earth is 12.7mm and ukraine 603mm???? country!!!
Jaime Guzman
Porque paises son más grandes que la tierra y el sol
Joey P., Danny Fenton - SEAS entertainment
Anyone else still using Celestia for the stars?
John Abi zaid
what it is the music bitween 20:38 and 24:07
Kim Mix
Gigameter (1gm ) 1,000 km
LoudBoy 727
MILCA SUAREZ Walking with Monsters Fan Club
Is Ferdinand an asteroid? That's weird
MichaelBFDII wong
There are two Messier 10
Michelle Rouse
the kingdom tower is actually 1007
Mitu's creatives / クリエイティブ
What kind of creation software do you use? What?
Mr. Smolfi
Steep vidos waiting for 5 parts !!)
Narinthorn JUMSPO 0 -5
Mauna kea is not 4.2 km
Nirvana Supermind
Why you changed name from Comparison Farts to Barbelixir?
Noahs Dad
Universes: Protoverse,Henoverse,Universe,Multiverse,Xenoverse,Megaverse,Kiloverse,Doziverse,Catverse,Billioverse,Yottaverse,Omniverse
Not So Anonymous
Asia is bigger than a super massive blackhole?
PPT 사이언스
You are wrong about the size of the country.
Peter Reid
every1 love it
Ravi Yu
Ryan Fletcher
Where is WASP 17 b?
Santosh Ghume
It's unbelievable incredible amazing
Sarah Tierney
10:30 Am I the only one who sees a face in Tarqeq?
SciBlast Official
Is area and volume equal to length?
Sebastian AZ
Size comparison of universe 5
Senhor Planeta
26:16 save to other video
what format is this??\ncan u upload 1 without the vr format... really want to watch this
SuperStriker7US Team Name:The Last Bosses
I bet Preon Stars are made in Samsung Galaxy Note 7s XD
Take a Break
Frace is as large as the moon's orbit and Palestine is larger than mars???????????????!!!!!!!!\n\n dude get your fact straight :|
Terry Maillet
24:41 Mettaton
That InternetExplorer
But antimatter is the same as matter just with no charge so a up antiquark should be the size as an up quark
TheSurvivor 5000
This video is good but how are contintents on earth bigger than stars that are millions of kilometers big??
What is a Metaverse, Xenoverse, Hyperverse????
16:50 nice song ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Windows Metabeth
Whats Next? God, Protoverse Thet Started At The Begining ?? Meters Or The Multimultiverse?
XCEL Music
your correct with some country you just gotta shrink them down
Yiu Rock
South African Frilled Shark,1.1m.\nKelvin☺,1.25m.\nRoe Deer,1.3m.\nPee Pat, 1.4m.
im glad the last song was my most favourite song :)
corian gaming
A pinn
deepakkumar behera
deto s
There's bigger than infinity\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\
karam boubou
so you're telling me that indonesia is largervthsn the sun?
louise reid
And proton
17:20 nice music!
noob am an noob and?
why science youtiubers copy carykh and you copy he images
novy prabu
How is the country is bigger than earth?
patiphan hanchat
suljo avdic
united knigdom is bigger than small red dwarf,pretty accurate
transformers addict/ mrhelioptile AUTTP UTTPH
it's bacteriophanage not phage
Канал 113
Зачем материки и страны среди звёзд?!
виктория шанкурева
кто русский ставти лайк
I found the error. Jupiter Orbit have to be 1.55Tm Not 15.5 Tm.