Monsters Size Comparison (Video games)

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Comparison of some monsters of video games.They are not all. For various reasons (time, information or technical complications) it is impossible to put everyone. I have tried to make the best selection.I hope you understand the difficulty of creating such a video.Thanks and enjoy!This symbol (~). It means approximate. It means that there is no official information and I have measured it as faithfully as possible.-Source:

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Yeas finally someone that puts monster hunter in these videos!
0 Stuff
how dare you call my precious sackboy a monster.
Absolute Zero Gaming
Noooo warframe eidolons would have been so cool...
Aidan Delony
Where's my boi the witherstorm he's about 2'000 meters
Al Axel
A grunt Is a monster? Lol
All these monsters and still, none of them are bigger than yo mama
Ashton Thompson
You forgot the world serpent from god of war
Where is big foot
Caleb Olds
Fun Fact: In Monster Hunter, both the Lao-Shan Lung and Dalamadur that you fight are juveniles. Capcom hasn't released the adult sizes unfortunately
Cosmo 逸以英
ala verga
Cyber Tech
1:16 -GARY!- GHAUL!
Dana Turinová
Trico !!!!!!!
Dr. Virus 129
At a Game Dev board meeting...\n\
Eric Bove
Yay! Subnautica!
Filippo SLM
Where the HECK is Bionis\nAnd also all of the big monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles X are missing
Fire Alpha
And monters from Diablo III? Like Belial or Diablo
Furkan Aslan
Aurelion sol bigger than galaxies
GOD aka dr phill
Still not as big as my\n\n\n\n\n\nForehead 😟
Only head crab, you could've included a zorguant or a head crab zombie, at the least. Combine aren't human so you can also use combine.
Golde- n
What about the Moon lord
Ian Miscenich
This includes nothing from pikmin. I am disappointed
Missing \
Isaiah Hunter
What about Aurelion Sol from League of Legends
Ishiro Hove
*I didnt expect creeper to be in the list lmao*
Kale Stars
Deathwing is humongous and all his boss fight was is fighting fire tentacles on his back and kicking his shins.
Legends of Dark Dragon Awesome
Galactus is not monster
Link the Hero of Hyrule
Dark Beast Ganon from Breath of the Wild?
yeah but I bet sackboy can create a better world than Gongen Wyzen ever could \u003e:V
Marc Anthony
_Where's_ *Mike Wazowski* ?
Melvin Bonet
How bout Sargeras from WOW he's huge as flerk
Mert Korkmaz
why you didn't put undertale
I clarify that the Deathclaw has an error. It does not measure 6 (20ft) meters, but 3 (10ft). Sorry for this failure.
Migas Almeida
jesus how many leviathans are there?
You forgot to add the serious sam series monster! ;)
Monster_ ShockTrooper
Mr. Michael Z
I am a fallout fan, and deathclaws are much smaller\n\nEdit: Soon after this comment was made, the creator of this admitted that the deathclaws were smaller so please don’t call me blind
Nik Fras
Where is Dahaka from prince of persia
Nol Dragon
I was expecting something from Asura's Wrath but more likely Vlitra !
Nope Mang
Way Big should be here
Norzi Hakimi
Is sackboy a monster??? 0:14
Official Phantom chamber
Ahem. terramorphous
My ex girlfriend should be here. She is the biggest monster I’ve ever met.
Person Pacman
A creeper is bigger then a charizard???
*You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby!*
Prayandleo Cahiga
YOU FORGOT THE SEE EMPEROR wait is he even a monster comment monster or not?
I thought it said Cacodemon had -2m, and was thinking about how it'd effect quantum space. Then it says around 2m :(
Sad to see nothing from dragons dogma here. There are some pretty big things in that game.
Rick Syndicate
but where is paul from saints row IV
Rui Ribeiro
Happy to see monster hunter lol \nThis was fun
You forgot Super Shenron.
Shadow Bear
Gongen wyzen is actually 25 000 km in height
Shiri Manor
Charizard is a Pokémon not monster.
Shy_ mon
It's do cool and realistic. You are the best. These models are EPIC!
Solid Shepard
Soooo \
When the brethren moon is bigger than your entire country
Any Boss from Terraria??
The deathclaws should be that big.
Susan Baer
What about the Sea Emperor?
Leviathan seems to be a popular name.
TFH Darkstorm
How about Metal face, Territorial Rotbart, or Star Dream Access Ark form? Novas are literal sentient Metal stars
The Emerald Lord TEL
SackBoy isn't a monster
The Killer Fox 13
Creeper and Charizard both are the same size
The Lolcat Lord
where's my boy the reaper leviathan
Murlocs are 1.8m tall?? Humans must be gigantic in WoW since Murlocs come up to their waist.
TrEs - 2B The Darkest PlanetHD
Ender Did You Just Say My Real Name I Think My Nickname Is Rupert
Tristan the Average 2118
The heck, the Creeper is taller than a human???
Twin Peaks PL
Where are monsters from the evil within?
TwinkleEGPie Player
Hmm why RM OF BTS is small (Rap Monster)? And not like Monster (Well he is human)
Wesley OConnor
You forgot about the divine beasts from legend of Zelda breath of the wild
WrathOf Grimm
Molag ball? And world serpent from god of war?
Your Local PyBro
*Terraria Moon Lord*
The fact that the ender dragon is bigger than alduin never should've been released to the public, it should've remained confidential
Zacimus the master Shooter
That corpser is so much taller than 5 meters Jesu video game monsters are so much bigger than movie monsters!!!
alper önce
1:35 Tricoooo \u003c3
chickenisbae 03
Starcraft is in here nice
Charizard in the anime is huge AF, also a corpser from Gears is much bigger than a behemoth
henriquefusion br
dragon kaneki
hor 9,216E11
And where the World Serpent from the game God of War 4
jari carr
Sackboy is a character in LBP1 and LBP2 and LBP3 not a monster in its own form
keriko suzuki
I wonder where is Rathalos in the list
little stripes
wheres chell from portal
Where's Howard the alien
michtr 12
but where the heck is reaper leviathan
nugget the king
incorrect Deathclaw size
renato contreras ferrada
what about mekonis and bionis (xenoblade chronicles)?
swag gamer 403
What about the giant zombie-minecraft
the big animator
the green Ridley
Ridley and Ganon?
tuga lord
Forgot mirlurk queen fallout 4
wazowski.exe is not working
Великая Сфера Просвещения
What about Саргерас?
Николай Феоктистов
Sargerath from world of warcraft Legion