The True Size of Azeroth, THE PLANET, Revealed! - World of Warcraft

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Get 2 months of Skillshare Premium for free: Legion has finally given us view of Azeroth from space, as well as a yard stick to measure it with. Today, it's time to reveal the size of Azeroth.

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Adam Vester
When he put his weapon in the planet he unequipped it. When you unequipped a weapon is drastically shrinks to the size of an attom so you can store it in your tiny backpack.
This is the size of the in-game representation of Azeroth. NOT the actual size of the planet. The actual planet is about the same size as Earth. We already know it's dramatically scaled down for gameplay reasons (because portraying the true size of the planet is not only impossible with current technology - unless something like procedural generation is used to make the continents, and if it WERE the actual size the game wouldn't be playable). If you take travel times in the novels into account though, you're right, things take about 1000x longer than they do in-game. Lordaeron - Tarren Mill = 2 weeks on horseback. Stormwind - Howling Fjord = about a month on a boat. But the 1000x factor gives us an estimate. Basically, the world is 1000x larger than it appears in game. Which also fits the cities (close enough anyway). Goldshire has a population of 7000 in lore.
Ali Hani
This was amazing dude, keep it up ! \u003c3
Lies! Azeroth is flat, similar to Earth.
Arif Acıduman
this guy is a MADLAD
this is a fun video but we all know it is bigger in the lore
The sword in the cutscene is astronomically bigger than the one in game, because game engine. Nice try tho.
Azure Triedge
of course azeroth is small. Havent you seen ulduar. those are all drawn to scale
Bellew The Bear
Azeroth is flat! Wake up sheeple! :p
Damn, that was indepthedly pointless. Good job dude. :D Are we to assume the WoW world is Azeroth as it is, or scaled down for the sake of gameplay?
Brent Ryan
You are over thinking the issue, think do I. They use cartoon graphics for a reason; That which is an inference that each graphical representation is created to reduced scale, feel do I. What is meant, is that say three farms in Eastshire represent thirteen hundred... or whatever number makes it easiest to comprehend.\n\nThis is kind of similar to drawing a crowd in art, think do I. Draw a few detailed people, then a couple half way detailed, and as you get farther from the front the people in the crowd grow less distinct.\n\nLook at the ancient \
Bruno Hommerding
I have seen something like this before, i dont remember where to be precise. But the conclusion was that this small Azeroth is based on the in game engine/mechanics, and not to be taken literaly as the actual size of the planet.\nI really wish i remembered where i read all that so i could link it. But i remember a guy making a more precise calculation regarding the size using info from the books, and taking in consideration the distances between some places as stated there.\nIn this case the planet would be more in line with the size of an actual planet and not a mini moon or asteroid.\nFun fact: a planetoid this small wouldnt be able to retain an atmosphere and stay geologically active, so all that would, by itself, indicate a way bigger Azeroth. That IF the developers consider some basic level of physics to create the in game universe. Still i cant take the small Azeroth as an accurate depiction.
i agree with taliesin
Carl Petersson
Math bro, keep it up and make life rich! :)
i love how you use meters and km the true mathimatical system props to you bell
This is fun and all, but Blizzard scaling has always been off and changes randomly. So we should take it with a grain of salt
Christian Ferrius Tvilling
Pffft. Azeroth is flat, it's just the scholars lying to you. How come otherwise it's always day and night at the same time on different continents?! Yes! Checkmate!\n\n#FlatAzerother
D Jepp
i just need to know what is on the other side! since its day and nigh at the same time on each continent, that means there has to be another side that is the night while EK and Kal are experiencing day and vice versa!
Deal with Kappa
Der Nesor
6:52 WutFace
From what I’ve looked at with trying to measure Azeroth I use the trajectory of the Old Gods against a sphere. Basically it seems to measure out to them having about 1/2 of the planet that they could have struck with rotation, orbit, and point of origin. This is inferring that time of origin was within seconds. But using geographic information and climate zones it works out to being closer to 1/4 of the planet. Unless there are Old Gods in the Northern Hemisphere on the other side of the planet. Blizzard has in the past passingly mentioned there could be another side to Azeroth we haven’t seen yet.
Eemil Kolehmainen
Azeroth is flat
Elgen Strawn
It's been months but i remember watching the planets rotation from the vindicar on Argus, for about 20 mins. I wanted to see if it showed new continents on another part of it. But Blizzard cheated and the continents always re-appeared way sooner than they should have. Can't remember perfectly after so long but it was always wrong.
Enthused Norseman
Think about this though; count the amount of NPCs in Stormwind, and multiply them by one thousand to find a \
Ferréol Bourron
Filip Procházka
During MoP, me and a friend used travel times mentioned in books, average speed of mounts used, combined with distribution of biomes (meaning, how big a portion of planet can we actually see on the map). We did assume that WoW is depicted as massively compacted.\nOur calculations resulted in Azeroth being slightly smaller than Mars. Obviously, these no longer hold any water (for example, we did expect the north pole to be slightly north of Northrend, whereas the equator to go through or slightly south of Stranglethorn; the Azeroth we can see from Argus doesn't seem to be exactly that way, not to mention that the position of continents seem to move with every expansion), however, it seemed good enough for us at that time. The amusing part was that, in order for Azeroth to have roughly Earth-like gravity (which we assumed it did, given that Azeroth doesn't have overabundance of spindly or flat-ish lifeforms, which would indicate to lower or higher gravity respectively), the planet itself would have to have average density very high up, suggesting a core of unnaturaly high density (as in, its density would be above any known material made of standard matter).
Friedrich Salomon
Well, I think Azeroth is flat and you lie to us.
So azeroth is ridiculously small, the core has to be super dense to have a normal gravity
Heather S.
Yeaaaah. Except in one of the novels, a gryphon flight from Menethil Harbor to Southshore (iirc) across Baradin Bay is a twelve hour flight. The game world is massively scaled down (anywhere from 100:1 to 1000:1 depending on the location) from the lore, and you don't seem to be taking that into account. The Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are each (in the lore) around the size of Westeros or roughly a 1.5x elongated United States (around 4500 miles, 1500 leagues, or 8100km from Booty Bay to Silvermoon).
Ya but the in game sword and cinematic sword are not to the same scale.... the in game sword is way smaller for gameplay reasons
J. José Rivera Torres
I like math....
Interesting math, and I think you're right --- it's a scaled down version of a much bigger world. However, I kind of have my own thoughts on Azeroth as a planet. Despite what you can see from Argus, I think the playable area of Azeroth is only quarter of the total planet. Think about it -- Northrend is cold and obviously arctic, but neither northern Kalimdor nor Eastern Kingdoms feel like they are that close to the arctic. Also, both the southern ends of Kalimdor and EK have jungles or deserts -- environments you typically see close to the Equator on Earth. \n\nFurthermore, if we look on the map, Pandaria seems to sit just about opposite from where Northrend sits. Northrend is a very cold place, with snow and icebergs and glaciers and other things present. However, we don't see any of this anywhere on or near Pandaria (with the exception of Kun Lai, which is a high elevation). In fact, many areas, like the Jade Forest and even parts of Kun Lai seem to be almost tropical themselves. If Pandaria truly was as far south as Northrend is north, we should see glaciers and ice caps and other similar features, like we do in Antarctica in the real world.\n\nAnother argument for this being the case is that day and night are the same no matter where in the game world you go, which would really only make sense if Azeroth were flat -- but there may be a little enough difference that they could be on the same hemisphere and still kind of make sense in the game world.\n\nFinally, since we don't see any seasons on Azeroth, the planet probably doesn't have any axial tilt.
Azeroth is not flat! It's a donut!
James Beard
I find it kind of funny, if the gravity works the same way as the size, I could jump from one zone to another and throw world bosses around without trying.
Jashan Friedlaender
WRONG, i believe azeroth is flat just like earth, i dont care what facts you have against mine... deal with it.
Jasmin Poljak
Azeroth is flat! Period. :) That animation is a conspiracy. :)
Jonathan Hopfenblatt
Intuitively, I'm thinking that Azeroth simply cannot be 12km in diameter if EK is 21km long and Kalimdor 19km long.\n\nA diameter of 12km gives you a circumference of 37.7km (diameter * pi), half of which is 18.8km (i.e. the distance from pole to pole along the surface). In other words, both EK and Kalimdor would have to wrap around the \
the problem is you cant really use in-game assets as a measurement for the concept of the world because the game world is supposed to be a pretty significant abbreviation of the 'real' thing. It should take you weeks to sail across the sea and days to ride across, say, greater Lordaeron. Uldum and Silithus probably take up thousands of square kilometers of space realistically. Sargeras' sword is far too small in game too.
My brain hurts... I didn’t go to school for math XD
Lancet Fencing
well that would explain why we can fly on mounts with tiny wings LOL
Laura E
all cool, but... Azeroth isn't represented to scale - neither in game nor in the cinematic. How would you fit a lore population of 7000 into ingame Goldshire? Warcraft, ever since the RTS games, has always been a scaled down model of the actual, bigger world we know from lore. \
Levente Agárdi
now i understand why those spiders are so freakin’ big
Lucid Warrior
woo! another Bellular video
This is very interesting from a calculation standpoint but it does make some canon timeframes really odd. Like, the fact that it takes a transport ship 2 months to get from the eastern plaguelands to northrend, as stated in the journal of s scarlet crusader, or the fact that apparently it takes a day to cross the Arathi Highlands by air. I remember someone doing similar calculations to this a few years back using travel times from books and in game sources and they came out to the eastern kingdoms being roughly from the northern coast of England to about 2/3rds of the way to the sourthern tip of africa in size. It's interesting to see the how the math differs when you do the calculations visually vs other information!
Love the video
Matthew Owens
Usually I get excited for a new Bellular video but this was just rapid-fire numbers B.S. It assumes far too much for it to be accurate or as the title claims a \
Max Mercer
I’m a math major and even I think that this is too much math.\nAlso: Love the video! Keep up the great work!
Michael Storgaard
This is just awesome. I can’t help thinking that there should be something on the backside of Azeroth. So to think of it as when the super continent Kalimdor were present it was like Pangea on earth. With a huge amount of water all over the planet.\n\nNow of course we also know that Azeroth is scaled down for us, to minimize travel distance, but in reality it would be much larger to sustain the huge populations of the Horde and Alliance. So maybe if scaled up it would fit earth? Is there any way to do that calculation? :)\n\nI hope to see more “useless” videos like these in the future!
Micheal L
The Steven Hawking of Azeroth.
MonkPaw Fire
english please
Azeroth, Draenor, any world in game is actually way bigger in lore than depicted in game due to gameplay limitations. It takes days just to travel across Hillsbrad in lore compared to minutes in game if I remember right from Lord of the Clans.
FYI this is actually his job people !
Nota Fayget
New spaceX mission azeroth, buy your tickets now, warning death likely.
I am personally team flat Azeroth. did you ever see a video of azeroth made from space? no? checkmate globe tards
Pangaren Monk
What's behind the Veiled Sea and the Forbidding Seas tho? Is there something or is there nothing?
Paolo Selvaggio
The Earth applies to all of us a force, the force of gravity, that drags every single person toward its center. This force is F=G•(m1•m2)/(d^2), where G is the universal gravity constant, d the distance between the mass center of the two masses, m1 the Earth mass and m2 the mass of a person. If Azeroth is 1000 times smaller than Earth, that means that Azeroth mass is about 10^9 times smaller than the Earth mass and that the distance between m1 and m2 is 1000 times shorter. Assuming that our mass is similar to that of the Azerothian (bodybuilder--\u003e orc, sumo fighter --\u003e Kul Tiran, cheerleader --\u003e female blood elf... we have a race for every stereotype), that means that Azeroth drags every Azerothian toward its center with a force that is 1000 times weaker than our force of gravity. And that means that we all can Levitate, not only Priests, and that we all can fly, since level 1, without mount and without trainers... so, tomorrow I want to see Levitate on my spellbook and all the gold that trainers stole me, back in my wallet!
Pedro Cipriano
Another really cool video, man!\nDo we need that information ? No. But is it cool to have it ? Yeah!\nThanks for sharing that!\nLove from Brasil. ♥
Pedro Ivo Coelho da Graça
By definition the game map of Azeroth is at most just the nort hemisphere of the planet. Northrend is a polar climate. Continent's south are allways tropical ou hot climate. Even Pandaria is more a equatorial/tropical clima with just the mountains as cold regions because of hight. The animation of the Sargera's sword is not within the scale of the real game, is just not. If it was in scale Azeroth's view form Justicar and in the animation would have a huge bump as Mount Hyjal and another as Teldrassil.
Per Haggstrom
I mean the in game version of the sword is SO much smaller than the sword from the cinematic. The sword from the cinematic sticks out into space. The sword in silithus is like empire state building while the sword from the cinematic would've hit the moon if was here on earth.
Peter R
Was hoping you were going to calculate Sargeras' size, and the sword overall based on those measurements. Knowing size and the distance the sword is traveling you can calculate it's speed, and from it's speed and size you can calculate it's mass, from it's mass you can calculate the impact of the sword in joules.\n\nBut I'll save some time in just saying if Sargeras' sword hit Silithus as it's shown in the cinematic it would stab in into the core of the planet, the impact alone would kick up a dustcloud so large it would blanket the atmosphere for years and create an ice age effect. The sudden and violent shifting of the plate tectonics would cause global earthquakes that would make the Cataclysm look like nothing. Tsunamis would obliterate every coastal city in the world. The bottom half of Kalimdor would be vaporized into millions of degrees of heat from the impact. The shockwave would vaporize the top half of Kalimdor. To coincide with the sudden and violent plate tectonic shifting every volcano on the planet would likely erupt. That's just napkin math. The forces displayed in the cinematic dwarf any meteor that has ever hit earth by a factor of several thousand.\n\nIt's very clear to say that just the impact of Sargeras' sword into Silithus would wipe out 99.9 of all organic life on the planet, leaving probably only the Gnomes inside Gnomeregan to survive the initial planet's destruction, and then you have to contend with all the water on the planet within days will both be contaminated with fel, and freeze without the heat of the sun. There will be no more light, no more food to eat. Everything would be gone even if you did survive the impact.
Petulant Wolf
Flat Azeroth Society
Primarch Roboute Guilliman, Lord Commander
Those Warlocks have been lying to you; Azeroth is flat.
This was pretty cool. Interesting.. didn't think we'd be that small.
Péter Lakatos
Well its all fun and games, but the playable game world is much, much smaller than the canon landmass of Azeroth. In the books it takes days to get anywhere with boats and weeks to trek on foot. It would be funny if 30.6 km-s was only the distance between EK and Kalimdor :D how is it not discovered for thousands of years then, you could literally see the shores from EK :D
The real question we gotta ask is. Where is the tsunami ? when the huge sword struck. there should be a 1000 meter tall tsunami, there should be earthquakes. What about his giant hand? if that was also in the ocean, thats billions of liters of water displaced, that will also create tsunamis, not to mention the fact that the sword is big enough to stick into space and into the center of the planet, which would probably stop the planets rotation.
Never understimate the power of autism of the internet, awesome!
6:52 I thought I was trippin'\nPlease don't do that 😅
Wow, that's actually very interesting! I think that the most accurate calculation is the one from map pixels. The sword at Silithus has a different scale from the one on the cinematic for technical reasons, I think.\n\nMy impression is that Kalimdor and The Eastern Kingdoms are on opposite sides of Planet Azeroth, and we only explored one side of the planet. Maybe the other side is just a vast ocean, like the Pacific Ocean on planet Earth.
Rolf Dekkers
But hey that's just a theory a game theory
This some next level nerd shit. Love it...
Plot twist: the current world map that we see is actually just a small part of Azeroth itself, hence why the ships and zeplins sail across the ocean near northend/pandaria rather than just going around the backside \
Scourgelord Nathreim
This is completely useless as the in game world is not to scale with lore. It would be impossible to make the game to scale so it has to be shrunk. \n\nA better scale would be to use Arthas' voyage to Northrend which took one month. It took about 2 months for Columbus to sail from Spain to the Caribbean. So Azeroth is most likely larger than Earth which makes sense because physics dictates planets have to be earth size or larger to sustain life.
As fun as these videos are, and I really do enjoy them for the shenanigans, Blizzard has in no way put as much thought into the size of Azeroth as its fans... And it shows in vids like this!\n\nPhysical representations of fantasy worlds in games always have this problem but none moreso than those with oh.. I dunno.. Roleplay realms. /cough\n\
Sergio Nery
Another measurement video, ur methods i really dont like, but i think i would LOVE a video of measuring the world by using ur character since player run speed has been tested to be 8 yards per second, it would be awesome a real measurement with true values, or even with mount or flying by knowing the yards per second, it still would be very nice to watch.\n\nAbove all im more interested in Azeroth, any other world or different dimension-space-time i dont give a fuck since they are just little sandboxes, and Azeroth is so BIG and i love leveling there, i wish i could lvl from 1 to max lvl JUST by questing in Azeroth, i wish everything will scale up in the future to max lvl and ur item lvl will be the thing that make u crush old content BUT mobs wont ignore You anymore, and the game would feel alive all the time.\n\nIm just rambling now but true and verifiable data of measurements by using your character´s movement speed of flying mount´s would be super duper nice, and also the height of mountains and buildings would be super incredible too.
But you also need to keep in mind that ingame scales are not the same as \
Skoll Shorties
Sneekz 480
I \u003c3 your videos
Azeroth is ROUND. But space-time is flat and infinite.
cool story bro
Tauroo WoW
Clickbait title with 1/4 of the 9 min vid being an ad and outro nice
Thomas Aurelius
Actually, this size comparison really helps the realism of the world. MMOs have a huge scale issue (as you've mentioned before with Goldshire having 6 houses) due to gameplay and feasibility considerations when it comes to in-game representation of cities, towns, and overall density. If you imagined , where applicable, areas in game scaled up by a thousand with the same densities we see in game, you can almost imagine it being a more modest comparison to a real life analog. \n\nI always wondered about the scale of the world. Now I know lol (y)
Oh damn i'm the first view o.o
Timo Kerremans
6:53 bottom left really scared me!
Tobias Trust
HAHAHAHA Dude u have no idea about math u should go back to school!!! If azeroth has a Diameter of 16978m and Earth has a diameter of 12.6 Million meters Than Earth is 408 MILLION TIMES BIGGER THAN AZEROTH. U said earth is only 1000 times bigger HAHAHAHAHA go back to school pls!!!! Even if we compare the surface of Earth with Azeroth than Earth has a 500000 times bigger surface than Azeroth!!! Go back to school pls!!!
I'm sure somewhere in the books or games they mention how long it took to get fro. one place to another by foot or on horse back. Use that to calculate it. So say it took a day to get from stormwind to goldshire by horse, you could use that to calculate the approximate size of azeroth.
Verroak Krasha
What I take from this is that in-game World of Warcraft is a 1:1000 scale representation of the actual planet.
Wayne Rogers Outdoors
That's sort of what I have always expected if WoW survives long enough is that if you wrap what we have seen of Azeroth around a globe as it is at time index 6:06 then there appears to be plenty of room on the opposite side of the planet for yet several more continents and many more expansions. As long as World Of Warcraft remains relevant and people enjoy playing and paying and Blizzard keeps profiting there is plenty of room for future expansions and patches and WoW could be around for a long time theoretically.
Didn't Blizzard at some point say that Azeroth's size is but a fraction of its actual size lorewise?
Xander - Vlogs & Stuff
So would this mean that humans are also 1000x smaller on Azeroth? Well, obviously not just humans, but all the races. If we go off of the current active subscription estimates (believed to be about 10 million, the highest its been since cata), would that mean that people ARE the same size, just there are less of them? But if they were the same size, wouldn't we be able to see at least a large gathering from space? If you looked at a picture of a 15km area of Earth, and there was a large gathering of people in that picture, maybe an outdoor concert, would you be able to see them? Would someone in space been able to see the opening of AQ40 in WoW?
BUT HEY ! That's just a theory
Scrolled down into the comments just to see how many flat Azerother's there would be, was not dissapointed.
Biggest problem with this video. You forgot about the South Sea, Forbidding Sea and the Veiled Sea. I also think that Blizzard did comment on a backside of Azeroth. In Ulduar it does shows there is a large chunk of the world cover in clouds. Sooner or later Azeroth will just get the Mastery of Nature Ascension perk from Stellaris. ((It a perk that suddenly makes planets bigger. Smaller planets will grow around three times as big.))
I'm a flat-azerother though
You know it's the pre-expansion lull when...
Items unequipped are smaller. The sword stuck in the game is smaller then the one wielded by the titan.
nathan parmentier
Hum. Those calculs you make are very accurate, but.\nThe size of the in-game map is NOT lore-friendly. SOooooooooo....\nHuh. At least we know the in-game size.\n(In reality, it's far larger than this, I remember something like 3weeks of travel between Mulgore and Theramore, or something like that, in Warcraft 3 campaign)
sean sullivan
OMG you really need to get out more
And we can conclude that physics don't apply to WoW.