Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) (Karaoke Version)

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Aina Navatilova
Ariana Grande-One last time please!!!
Anastasia C
Can someone make up lyrics and add it my comments ( nothing already made)
Aquila Omri
Ashley Bardus
The man is doing his best with making sure that the person isn't so useless since they can't do the best with how the man is doing, I believe that this is what the song says since it makes a lot of the situations better and how the world is and it makes a lot of things best
Bianca Morgan
can you do some vampire weekend songs
C & C
Can you do one by two door cinema club song:this is the life. Please it would mean is much to me thx
Covers :3
please make a jack and jack doing it right karaoke
David Lemaire
Do \
Elia Bringas
Do Only a Girl by Gia plz !!!
Eu Sou
Matangi by M.I.A. please
Faruque Ahamed
Can u do gladiator by Dami Im or Playground by Alexa Curtis\n\nAlexa Curtis is the winner of the voice kids
Fatima Maqsood
could you possibly do lullabies and oh calamity by all time low? thanks x
Hallie Freeman
Can you do a karaoke version of the fault in our stars, its time by jamie mcdell please?
Jamie C.
Thanks for uploading :-). Could you please do \
Janet Mulholland
I Want You To Know Zedd ft Selena Gomez please!!!
Jasleen Grewal
Can you do Carmen by lana del rey?
Jasmine Christine R.
Can you please do fire n gold karaoke
Joci the Ninja
Heard in Wingin' It.
Katie B
Hey love your videos I know that you have alot of requests for songs but I have a solo in a concert and I wanted to do the song stand out by Sabrina carpenter I need a good karaoke please can you do asap stand out by Sabrina carpenter please please please sorry for demanding but I need this xx
Kenza Ebah
Towers by little mix plleeeeeaaassseeeee
Lucy Brooks
Could you do Feeling Myself and the Flawless Remix? Thanks! Subscribed
Lucy 🥳
This is pretend concert worthy!!!
Do One Last Time by Ariana Grande :D
Mackenzie R
Sunrise by Our Last Night. Please
Natalia Brame
Do plz Ariana Grande One Last time or break free
Nicole Rojas
Um can you do Bulls in the Bronx please I need this for a performance soon :)
Could you do David Guetta feat Sam Martin - Dangerous please thanks.
Panic! AtTheDisco
who else is here just curious to see how the song sounds with no words by the way who is here 2018?
Can you please do hozier something new please
Rahh Ting
Hi sing king karaoke:) Could you upload a video of nicki minaj masquerade?:P it would be perfect;)
Rarity Nguyen Belle
GTA V Brought Me Here
Rebecca Irvine
White Flag from Dido please.
Renesmay Jasmine walks
One of my fav songs when I was 9-10 I'm 13 now but it still love it
Can you do a karaoke version of my song you can make up a beat:\n\
Tamaria Gold
Im only here for the backtrack.
Valerie Cordero
itsucks that i cant sing once i started i lost my voice and got sick fast
Wanta Sky
Like si estas aqui por marilia
can you plz do give me love by Ed sheeran
nicole broussard
If u would please do some from Luke Bryand and maybe some more 5SOS like Gotta Get Out, Out Of My Limit, and Wherever You Are... if you already have any of these please link me to them cuz i haven't been able to find them. Thank you! xD (: C:
sheila 11
someone please get me a koya headband
Please do latch by disclosure! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE