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Wait, why did his clothes disintegrate though?\n\nAlso childhood nightmares yey
I love when regular show makes fun of this scene
Aeyen The Lobster
1:38 \
Alex The chef
1.48 great scott!! it's doc
Alex WAllar
She chose wrong on purpose didn't she
Alexandru Goga
I'm #1 fan of indiana jones
Ali Shaan
Donovan turned into one of those skeleton zombies from Call Of Duty WW2
Apex Predator
Eternal life.... In HELL!
Ashley Davies
These were groundbreaking visual effects for the time, and they still hold up even now!\n\nIt was done using 3 different puppets filmed on a motion controlled rig. The footage was then blended together by computer artists using a Pixar image processing computer.\n\nFull article:\n
It's strange he doesn't grow any facial hair during the age process, maybe it would of been too difficult to animate at the time?
Cati Breslin
rated pg, really?
Christian Larson
I remember watching this for the first time and my dad actually covered his eyes.
Chunky Returns
Wait is that CGI?
Someone should make a video of him VOTING FOR HILLARY. \nHe chose....poorly.
Dale Chawkins
Well that was quick. He just went along with it. Arent these villains supposed to be smart and cunning?
I love the way just after Indy pulls Elsa away Donovons skeleton looks up in surprise like 'o'
Daniella Valadez
This scared the HELL out of me as a child!!!
Welp, Nazis just can't catch a break in Indiana movies can they? Whether it's the Ark of the Covenant face melting or the fake holy grail super aging and super rotting. They always get a horrific death, lol.
This is how he became Maester Pycelle.
Doctor Virtual
Over 40 dislikes ?\n\nThey chose.....poorly.
Edward Gaines
Actually, he DIDN'T choose at all. \nHe let that Nazi chick choose for him.\n\nTake heed, gentlemen.
Like if i tricked you\n\nRead more
Fraser Bathgate
Who agrees that they find Donovan's death creepier than the Face-melting scene in Raiders?
Freddy Fazbear BR
1:40\n\nHello chancellor Palpatine
Friedrich Kass
Because it has symbolic meaning! Do you really believe that Jesus who was a simple carpenter would use a golden cup? Gold represent greed and selfishness! So it can not be made out of gold or anything like! Only the true grail bring you eternal life, but if you choose the fake one, then you must die!
Remeber the grail can't be shiny like no others
This scared me shitless when I was little
Goomy God
Notice when he turns away from Elsa she gives Indiana that
Harrison Shone
1:32 - Aged 50\n1:35 - Aged 60\n1:40 - Aged 70\n1:43 - Aged 80\n\n- Skips to Indie and Elsa\n\n1:47 - Aged 110\n1:49 - Aged 120\n1:50 - Aged 130\n1:52 - Aged 140\n1:53 - Aged 150\n\n- Skips briefly to Elsa \n\n1:55 - Aged 180\n\n- Skips briefly to Elsa and Indie again\n\n- 1:58 - Aged 200\n- 1:59 - Aged 210\n- 2:00 - Aged 220
Harumi Ayumi
Lol I love how chill the knight is.
Hazardous Bill
I remember watching these scene as a little kid. I had such horrifying nightmares for weeks afterward.
If you look carefully at 1:43, they filmed this backwards, pulling the hair *into* the dummy head! The flames make it obvious. Kiddos to this actress for *screaming* backwards as well, no mean feat!
Hol M
Jesus was a humble poor man, and he was a carpenter. Why would he be drinking from gold cups? Lol idiot man
Ian Fortuna
Well there goes General Veers
Ice Fire
He turned into Doc Brown from back to the future
Me as a child: *Crying* This is so scary\nMe now: Git rekt
I thought Maester Pycelle was smarter than this.
Jaegar Ultima
Indy and the knight both knew the grail was a basic old cup because what would be the chances an elaborate ornate cup would have caught the blood of christ, of a humble carpenter? The king of kings has no earthly riches but immortality and heaven.
Jason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction Tolbert
I bet for my money that Elsa chose poorly on purpose for Revenge against Donovan giving him the false grail cup for shooting James Bonds Henry and it was out of greed when she picked poor because at the end as all of you that saw her death when she picked the grail cup and crossed the seal with it after the knight warned not to take the grail from here that is telling that she never believed in the grail she though it was a greed prize.
Javier Luna
Johnathon Barker
I used to have been scared of the scene when his eye balls rolled down and then turns into this Freaky Skeleton Dude.
I guess this is what Donovan gets for:\n\nA. Leaving the Empire.\nB. Shooting James Bond.\nC. Not trusting Han Solo.
Kerry Smith
Lord Vader. The shield will be down in moments. You may start your landing 😅
I love how before Indy pushes skeleton donovan into the wall there's that last little NYEH
Lieutenant Nikola
To me this was way more terrifying than the Ark scene in that it demonstrated what awaits ALL of us. We may rest assured that (practically) none of us is going to end up with his face melted off or imploded into a skull; however, we ARE going to meet our doom in the form of aging and rotting. Unlike the clearly phantasmagorical epilogue for the villains in \
legend say the children are still screaming after watching this
Louis Keep
Knight: He chose...poorly.\nEveryone else: No shit !?
Louis Ontek
It’s a nazi version of general veers
Luka Albijanic
1:47 Christopher Lloyd cameo and 1:58 This is Sparta ... :)
Manoli S.
“He chose..... poorly.”\n\n*cut to commercial*\n\nSeriously on every damn network station. I’ve never seen it not cut here
I just realized Regular Show had this scene but with the hats.
Martijn Walters
Smart enough to:\n*Double-cross Henry Jones, Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody;\n*Fool the Führer because he is only interested in drinking from the Grail for eternal life; \n*Bribe the Sultan with a Rolls Royce for a small army;\n*Shoot Henry Jones to force Indy to go through three booby traps to collect the Grail. \n\nDrinks from a false grail first, instead of letting Indy and Elsa try first.
Matt Ward
While the film overall is great, I think the CG in this scene makes for a good example of how creative practical effects can be more effective than CGI. The face melting scene in the first film was definitely more effective than this scene. Not terrible by any means, but it looks kinda cartoony.
Michael Ashton
''He chose...(puts on sunglasses) poorly.''\n\nYEEEEAAAHHHHH!
Michael Casey
He Chose....Poorly, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n\nOh yeah and hello there Doc Brown 1:46
1:46 Can you imagen this is completely practical effects? damn this one moment shits all over some modern CGI effects. \nIt aged réally well!
Mitchell Hodack
What is happening to me?
@ 1:42, the scene where you see the hair growing long was actually filmed with a stage hand pulling the hair inward through the skull first,....then the film was reversed to make it look like it was growing outward. Watch the flames in the background as they are reversing back into their lamps.,.....this confirms how it was done. @1:47, the actress facing the 'victim' is standing in front of a blue screen so that the stop-motion rigomortis effect could be speed up. Another thing I couldn't understand is why did the suit age as well and get darker? The suit shouldn't have deteriorated at all.
Mr Rieper
I remember being confused at first, but when the real grail appeared it suddenly made so much sense. Jesus was homeless according to the Bible, of course he would have a simple wooden cup rather than some ornate jewel encrusted thing.
That death is a legitimate horror movie FX sequence which you would typically only see in adult-rated films. It's always felt slightly out of place to me. \n\nTonally it's very different to the hokey nature of the rest of the film. It comes as a pretty nasty kick in the guts at the end of a tame, funny and light-hearted movie.
Love the look Indy and the Knight look at each other at 0:22: Some shit is about to go down.
Oh, thank goodness, it's less terrifying than I remember XD this scared me soooo much when I was younger, so I wanted to confront that little fear of this scene. It actually isn't that bad anymore.
Nicholas Wetzel
If Donovan had been smart, he would’ve told Elsa to try it first.
1:37 Woah, a Back to the Future crossover for a second
I guess you could say He's.....\n\n\nHistory.\n\n\n\n*YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAH*
Pandelis Mitsis
Typical woman: she literally served him the poison and then screamed herself out of the situation...
Robert Walker
This scared the crap out of me when I was younger. Still does a little.
Rockwolf 012
Roshan Sreedhar
1:19 that sound effect was used in Star Wars V, when Darth Vader steps onto the pedestal to communicate with Palpatine.
Look carefully. When Donovan is admiring the false grail, Elsa looks over at Indy, and shakes her head very slightly.
Sam Arney
The Knight has been waiting 700 years to see what actually happens when someone drinks from the wrong grail. XD
Seth Kingery
Weed is one hell of a drug.
That's pretty much most people's reaction to my Ex's Coffee.
1:50 A depiction how women sees men, when they reach 30 years of age.
TheHonestDutch/Irish/Italian guy
This scene scared me so much when I was younger
Tom O'Donnell
Anyone else remember the old days when your parents would make you close your eyes for this scene?
Tom tonka
This actually happened to someone I know.
Tyler Fisher
He chose.....oh wait he didn't she did lol
As a Christian, when I saw which cup he picked up, I knew he chose wrong. Jesus is the king of kings but he never acts like one and he would never have a cup like that.
djole zmaj
And thats why kids u drink out of ur hands
He chose...................poorly. \n\nGEE THANKS A LOT THERE CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!
He shouldn't have voted for hiliary, so in this case he voted poorly.
*Finds Holy Grail*\n\n*Flips it*
Holy shit did anyone else notice that his suit got blackened and shriveled with him? That's some attention to detail.
lisardo weisert
I know it's been debated to death, but damn...she really DID give him the wrong grail on purpose! Just look at all the smirks/expressions on her face! As if to say, \
For being Nazis and having the first few men die at the first stage of the trial, you would think they would test every single cup on their soldiers first and the one that survives has the holy grail!
When I first saw this movie was before I ever saw Back to the Future, but now after seeing this clips I've seen BTTF a bunch of times and at 1:48 that guy morphs into Doc, but a freaky zombie version of In the words of Doc \
william lydon
He turned into Doc Brown for a minute there.
it's interesting that even his clothes start to age
Иосиф Сталин
Og look it's General Veers