14 Riddles On Crime Mixed With Tricky Picture Puzzles

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Check out this cool mix of riddles on crime and tricky picture puzzles! With these brain games, you will learn how to become smarter :) Solving riddles is one of the most effective ways of training your brain, memory, and logic. This set will be helpful for kids and adults as well. So if you are ready then push the "Play" button!

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7-Second Riddles
11:29 - What do you think? Which car belongs to a killer? 😮 Write your ideas in the comments!
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Adui Basumatary
😍 💖💖
Anel Hurmic
Angela Pena
Annette Shon
Arviarini S
A is a police\nB is a hunter\nC is the killer, see the blood on the knitting sticks
Ayan Saeed
A car
Chan-chan Tamula
The 3rd Car on the Thumbnail more looks like a Kidnapper. So I say the 3rd car👍
Cheryl Britt
11:31 it’s C because A is a police officer, B is a hunter like fox or deer, but C is a kidnapper to kill people most likely children!! Also there is bloody knives in C...
Châu Lê
C makes me think of those child abduction cases\nA makes me think of murder, then chop into segment\nB ... Hunter? Hope it's not hunting animals illegally 😂😂
Crafty Nay
Early !!!!! Hiiiiii notifications On , always
Delly Wahyu Hidayat
B has a weapon \nA is moving\nC is ready to have a child\nSo it’s b
I fly without wings, I cry without eyes. What am I?
Dritan Bunga
C is a killer’s car because A belongs to a police B belongs to a hunter so is C
A belongs to killer because B is a hunter and A has money bags in the trunk
Fire Dragon83
For 11:59 I think that. (A) will be the answer. Because, the truck maybe have bags of dead people, and he maybe killed a cop and hid the cop's badge.
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GD [hunger guy Boy]
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Gadiel Alvarez
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Gamer Girl
That Farris wheel one was kinda fake not hating I love u guys but I watched it over and over and over and im pretty sure that was a trick to make us think that, if it wasn't, my apologies
Hailey Guinn
I like the slightly under ripe bananas.
Ian Añora
1st car
Jack Ricotta
I think c
Janice Blue
Hands up if you love 7-second riddles🙋\u200d♀️
Jessalynn Freeborn
I love it. It was hard tho
John Theodore
Nice! I have answered those questions 😘 I like this video!
John77 Minecraft
I watched this video when it was on 180 likes
Joice Inventado
Jose Deveza
Its b because the gun is there and the bullets
Ill pick B
Katomi Yamashita
0:58 Either of the two will melt or maybe The left one because\nThe snow on the top of the mountain won't melt cause it gets colder when you reach the top and the ice on the ocean may survive longer if it's in a cold area like Antarctica but because of global warming it can melt faster (sorry if it's kinda confusing English isn't my native language)
Keithleen Torres
It is C but because it has a blood
Kimberly Ehresaman
Roses are red \nViolets are blue\nNo one likes my comments\nWill you? \n\n\nI'm not kidding, nobody ever likes my comments, if you click it, then I won't feel so lonely. 😢\n\n 👍
I love it though it so hard but fun to guess
Lang My
I think is a
Leila Nazarkyzy
1:01 First
Luis Miguel
I think the killer is the one who write comments w/ white keyboard
Its C because usally kidnappers use toys to kidnap and eventully kill the kid.
Madi Lacey123
The last comment question was c...?
Maja Arcanin
Marissa Nagy
The killers car is B
Martha Hurbano
Thank you it help my mind be smarter and solve hard tricky cases thank you 7-Second Riddles
Marvelous Test
WHO CAN SOLVE THIS RIDDLE?\nOn the stormy sea, a ship was struggling forward. Suddenly, Mike was found dead on the deck. There were only three people without alibi. Allen, the ship's cook, was preparing dinner at that time; Black, a friend of Mike, had a fierce argument with Mike at that day, but he claimed that he was alone in the room when Mike was killed. Cindy is a passenger, she said she was practicing calligraphy in his room, and took out her well-written handwriting to show everyone. Who was murderer?
Matea Jovanovik
The killer is not A cuz\nbelong to a policeman.Its not B belong to a killer for animals.C its the rihgt cuz its there are toys the killer gonna ask:\nDo you wanna a toy?\nKid:Yes ofcorse.\nThen the killer gonna give him toy nad grab the small kid.\nI like so much 7second riddles
Matthew Ames
Quit with the comments answers
Miniature Worlds
Mohamed Nasif
blue car
Mujeebur Khan
I think that it should be c. because it has toys
Naman Ghodake
Ninja Videos
Nyan Cat
Is it just me that hates it when it says comments?
Paper Hacks
B is killer tlit have a big gun
Patrizia Jhen juliano
The ice berg
3 he kills and tempts children with toy's and kill's them with needles and uses string to hold captive and make the needles look not as weird
Raja Zeeshan
Ru Blox2
In the thumbnail the killer is the green car as u can see there's a scissor with blood
Rupa Mukherjee
bro I m 100%guarantee that u had said comments that's why the correct answer is\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nB, Bec it has shotguns, ammos etc if u haven't said comments then it means answer was A but while u said comments the answer is B \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n1 LIKE INTERESTING VIDEO OF\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n7 SECOND RIDDLES
Shanu Bhai
8:38 ant-man
Snuup Gaming
2019 ???????
Sujal Kumar
Always love ur videos they are very mysterious and always something new is there never bore with bright side 👍👍☺☺
Trippie Visuals
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B belongs to a killer
Unicorn_ Kayla25
11:43 it’s B
Vilas Vilas
I think is C because there are bloody knitting sticks.
Zander Wahner
Car c
amna Khan
I think the b is killar car
i Shankar shankar
In the first 3 ridddle the iceberg melts
jayson gaming
the one with the toys,because:\nthe 1st is an agent or a gun dealer\nthe 2nd is a hunter!
kingofmars da1st
krystel fun
Last quiz answer is A if I am right please tell me
op Er
Easy for like\n👇
sophia dolloff
12:06 c because of the bloody scissors not b cause of the racooon skin
the unknow
Dont touch read more\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n😾💥🔫 curiousity killed the cat
thomas Müller 442oons
Dude how do u do these vids??