Avril Lavigne - Live at Buffalo (NY) - My World DVD - Try to Shut Me Up Tour 2003

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1080p 2003 Avril AvrilLavigneVEVO DVD Fanmade Here Label Lavigne My Of... Pop RCA Records Upscale Were Wish World You fan made music video

Things i'll never say, the best song \u003c3
Aguss FX
la sonrisa de avril 27:58 \u003c3 Avril & Evan
Alessandro Soeiro
I miss that Avril! :/
Amanda M
My first concert!! different city, but same tour :) 
Amanda Siqueira
I still love her songs ... and love this álbum ♥ !! \nI think this felling will never change ....
Amir Magar
it feels so nostalgic to not see smartphones and cameras in people's hands
Where is this Avril? :c
Arpon Irish
i didnt realized how much I miss her song not until I saw this one.. 😢
Damn this is the best concert I've ever seen \n\nMiss those times when the younger crowd only enjoyed the event and not everybody's with their phones and posing for instragram or what else :O
Baby Girl Tubog
thats the real avril my love.....,.thats how she sing complicated!!!,.
Bat_613 Official
She covered Green Day my Queen 👑😂👏🏽👏🏽🍵😍😍😍
Becki Porter
the way Evan looks at her she should have married him. they have chemistry!
I love this album so much. She sounds exactly the same in this concert as on her album. Sometimes I wish I could go back 10-15 years and live it again... :(
Beri Drachma
My gosh! Time flies😥😥😥
55:23 Evril. It's a beautiful thing :)
Carina Garcia
Lead guitarist Even is pretty darn hot!
Choky Prakoso
love avril since I was 12 and now Im 24 :D
Claudia Aguilar Escalante
It's funny how nobody has a smartphone for film or taking selfies XD this was a real concert !!! so many memories :)
Daiana Roldan
avril is perfect \n\
Daniele Santandrea
I remember when i was in love with this young rebel girl... but now i turned 21 and she 2
Duck Sick
ขนาด แฟนคลับต่างชาติ ยังร้องผิดเลย  ห้าๆๆ complicated
Elena Miotto
really good.... her voice is so strong
Emre Tandoğan
Where did you go Avril ?
Enrique lozano abella
simplemente perfect :3\nI LOVE AVRIL 
27:55 He loves her. Why couldn't she see that. Other than this awesome concert of the \
Felipe Blanco
I wonder what people whose were there feel right now seeing this
wow the losing grip performance was epic !
Helena Lam
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Hiền Nguyễn
she is our idol, so we encourage her, always, please.. \nshe need our support.. .
Isa Rocha
old time and perfect,i miss it
Jack Cole
She was my first step into the alternative world. 
I remember my VHS from Avril, Long time ♥ I miss that girl
Jhonn Sa-onoy
why avril lavigne voice change in future?
Joel Wallenius
Oh dear. That fan singing Complicated. I imagine she wasn't very happy with herself for a while there.
John MoyaSODMG
had the biggest crush on her during this time period. something about her always attracted me
Juhnior Soares
I wonder if one of these people that appeared in this concert has ever watched this video.
Karol Jauregui
sigo esse estilo dela até hoje,maior inspiração .
Kayla Elizabeth
I wish she still was like this. I still love and support her regardless but 2002-2004 was her best time.
Kessy Santos
Evan has always been my crush! Everytime i watch this my heart meltssssssssssss
Kit Wei
Time may have passed but these feelings will never ever change. Avril rocks.
Last Comment
still listen in 2018, this how concert should be everyone is enjoyed! I love u avril! trust me nowdays song suck!
Laura Puig
I want to be there omg why has she changed a lot?
LaurenJauregi IsMyQueen
i love her hair
Leomarques Costa
I miss you this time!!! amazing. . .
Luana Araujo
I want THIS Avril back! :/
Luis Lamas
These songs will forever have a place in my heart. This album came out in 2002 when i was 12. I remember coming back from school, chilling in my room listening to this entire album, watching her videos on MTV. Oh, those were such simpler times. Now I'm 25 and still listen to these songs from time to time. It's been 14 years! Life has changed a lot but this Avril will always remind me that life is simple and great. Forever in my heart Avril!
Maddie Finley
I really wish I was a teenager in 2002 😞 \nBut I'm living my adolescense now. Sad 😔
Magno Sun
Brasileiro(a) assistindo em 2016?
Manuela Brasil
I think that I know every part of this show............................. 
Marcin tak po prostu :D
When I saw her for the first time on TV, she immediately charmed me and that's how it is until now 😀😊
Marco Chrestia
bien ahi, hay gente que piensa como yo :B jajajjajaja, porque cambio tanto :'( ? xD
Maria Christina Amoranto
.. i miss THIS AVRIL...
Mayu Suzumoto
I miss old avril she so crazy like it
Moka - Chan
i love this album it's great
Mona-lika von Gravity
Oh my god... how many people are there?
Monika Muchová
i am so nostalgic right now
Morgan H.
Thumb up the video if you watched the whole thing in one sitting too. \u003c3
Nobby On the rock
You were legend Avril I love u
Nova Valkyr
She's a vampire
Nuwa San
I missed this kind of concert where people excitedly raised their hand clapping. Nowadays all I see is hand up in the air with their phones/cameras. -__-
Old Pavilion
Damn, I love \
Pinky SONE
It's 2017, and i'm here watching this all over again.. :3\n #WhosWithMe?
Queen Tanukana gonna slay yo bitchy ass
I think Avril with this band (Evan, Matt, Charlie, Jesse) are the cutest thing ever. Why and how would they ever broke up? :(((\n\nSOMEBODY ANSWER ME
2018 perros.... \\m/
Rafael Silva
Muitos reclamam que ela mudou, mas eu digo que realmente ela cantava com vontade nessa época. O problema é que ela resolveu seguir o mundo e como ele foi se tornando com o passar dos anos. Só que não totalmente porque existem muitas músicas sem conteúdo e a maioria indecentes. Ainda bem que ela ainda não chegou a esse ponto e espero que nunca chegue. Evidentemente que em todos os álbuns dela sempre terá algumas músicas ótimas, outras boas, outras ruins e a outra é Hello Kitty.
Raniah Khan
2014\nand this still makes me happy :)
They look like they enjoyed themselves so much more then.
Sara Sy
To everyone saying she is now becoming \
Saw Ju
Avril lavinge- Mtv diary 2002( full documentary) HQ. I miss you like crazy, I 'm feeling  apart , I'm dream me a long time,
Seth Seth
back to 2003 haha
Shaun Mattice
Back in the day when you simply only need was a guitar, drums and bass player and you could pump up a whole crowd, even a younger people without special effects.
Sierra Longname
its awesome to look back and see what was! SHE IS SO AMAZING NOW AND THEN!
Sung Minnie
I really LOVED this Avril!! :(
época boa, essas musicas tocavam nas rádios,, 2003 ano de simplicidade, ouvíamos cds, quase nimguem tinha internet, eu ia nas bancas comprar revistas com as letras das musicas saudosismo bateu forte aqui!
Back when Avril Lavigne was a band...Evan never should have left
Thais Acioly
who's watching in 2017??????? 😍
I don't miss this Avril, come on...she sings so much better now and her style isn't bad like all say. \n\nI love the metal, but Avril is the only artist that sing pop that i listen, i don't know why...\n\nLet Go, Under My Skin, The Best Damn Thing, Goodbye Lullaby, Self-Titled, i like all these albums and almost all the songs (even hello kitty...)
Tia Saidy
Sk8er Boi 0:35\nNobody's Fool 3:59\nMobile 7:58\nAnything But Ordinary 11:42\nLosing Grip 16:01\nNaked 20:54 \nToo Much to Ask 24:26\nI Don't Give 28:42\nBasket Case 32:50\nMy World 36:55 \nI'm With You 40:53 \nComplicated 45:43\nUnwanted 50:34\nTomorrow 55:23\nKnockin' on Heaven's Door 59:32\nThings I'll Never Say 1:03:20
Toniz Afrian
Really love this concert :D
Victor Moreno
I feel sad for that girl that didn't know complicated lyrics at 46:40 and wear an avril's shirt, shame on you forever
Wesley sousa
whos watching this in 2018???
Music without Auto-Tune, those were the days!
no phones only lihters great times! I miss for it! it will never back.. so sad..:(
Zyan Rizky
i really\
Woow...her voice is so different here...but much better than today
bob fickdich
wtf that audience is almost girls only, thought it would be all fapping guys xDDDD
cryptic clown
best band ever..! evan, mat, jesse .. ROCK!
hidden oo
27:55  \u003c3
Avril is now 30 and she has matured now so she probably changed since everybody changes as they age and their interest starts to change also... It's natural guys... People can't stay the same forever
joão paulo helnz
king echo
i miss you avril :(
they threw her something at the beginning!!!! -_- she is great!! She WAS perfect though...
none none
Damn this brings back a lot ... Teenage angst. I am almost 28 (jan 12). I love Avril, she isn't dead there was never a clone / stand in. She battled Lyme disease and also grew up. Get over it people change!
esta es la mejor avril lavigne , ahora cambio demasiado
santiago del rey
this is the real avril\nno like 2014  =(
siarrah lynn
Notice how Evan sings along to every song. He knows all the lyrics ❤️
suhariyanti mahardika
the old avril is a legend
So much nostalgia on this album... omg
نجوى Najwa
i think nobody is here anymore its 2017