Avril Lavigne young(as a child and teenager)

Avril as a child and later as a teenager!!!some photos are really rare..please rate and comment!ENJOY!!!

Avril Lavigne sweet7avril young

Abby Blaze
oh my god shes so cute as a baby\n
LOL! She changed a lot! haha\n
Aisyah Milhaz
omg Avril 😱😍😘
Is beautiful!...
Amii Camilleri
so cute =)
Ana Sánchez
omg, make up really does a great job
aw that little gurllllll
Angela and Bella’s Adventures
I love her songs . I'll give 100%
Annie Grace Villamater
i have watched the picture (3:30) was melissa? huh! get confused!
cool..!!!:)\r\nI`ve never seen this pics before \r\n10x for sharing:)
Avril lavigne is my drug
She's very cute and beautiful now and before
She is so cute!!! =D
Brittany Farmer
I love her songs!!! sweet7averil, could you send me the link you found these pics ?? ty, britbratz25
Great video\nI have some of those photos on my computer but some I've never seen before, thanks so much for posting this
oooh cool some pictures I actually haven't seen before :D \u003c3
0:57 looks just like me!
Daniel Iregui
Ella es un angel 111111111111
Daniela Tobón
3:31\r\nAvril is very beautiful!\r\never...\r\nthe most beautiful
Que mona Avril de pequeña.♡♡♥♥♥
Isha Joshi
didnt avril lavigne have brown hair b4??
Ivy Lo
What's the first song of this video????
Jadd Agliam
Yeah! She's damn nice!
Jay Theripper
wow 😘
Julia Lavigne
she is very cute! avril the best!^^
JulieElaineMary Sene
i love avril lavigne she petty cool
Madison Franklin
doesnt she have a daughter ???!!!!\n
Manoj Kumar Barnawal
really so beautiful with awesome natural smile in kid time.wow
Marcin tak po prostu :D
She has a sweet voice and her beauty 🤗🤗🤗
Maria-Michelle Doherty
ok that is defo MTF Transgender size of skull length of arms jawline demenor if you didnt know who it was you eould think it was a dude male boy lad guy cant hide the truth in the end
Marianna Iliadou
i dont really know!but by no means that baby is her brother cuz its a girl!!!!lol!!!
Maydree Acosta
0;56 OMG thats is not the avril I ♥\r\nshe was cute thought in the other pics
Mika Berglas
WOWWW she is always beautifullll
3:29 is that really avril? omg she looks fat. but still beautiful :)
Okah Parawi
oh God.... she is very cute :D
Fajne ^^
Pein Akatsuki
Roly Maghirang
ur so beautiful and ur the best ever iwant 2 be like u\r\n
Sara Cabello Jauregui
3:31 Melissa
Sarah Ridgewell
at 3:25 does she have a lip ring in??
Selina Rocker
You are greek???😱
at 2:48 the boy in the GAP jacket is avril's bro and the other girl is her younger sister...
The Moon Is Gay
3:30 CUTEEEE!!!! :\
Tú Thanh
could anyone tell me what song is it ??
When was that photo taken at 3:30
@numbah1avrilfan She was born with blonde hair so it's her natural hair colour. She was also blonde as a child but then her hair got darker when she was about 13. It was dirrty blonde. And then in 2004 she dyed her hair light blonde again.
Wild Hunt
she is not that good at all just watch this cuz she is pretty
perfect :D\r\nwhich is the first song???
amber zi
haha shes cuer when she reach her teen age
andy Russell
i love her teeth yeàaàaaaaaa
i always want to be like her, but i always tought she's so amazing i could never be like her, WOOW SHE LOOKS LIKE ME ON THIS PICTURES!
avril emine avrilfanlove
i really miss the old avril:(
avs hley
2018???? 💖💖💖💖
breeannaa morgaan
@02rids: Kinda looks like a mark on the photo.. then again.. if you look closer.. it kinda does look like a lip ring!!
dian pratiwi
So cute to see she in short hair xD
dina su
febri. dj
These picture are not Avril Lavigne , but they are Melissa.
@sweet7avril could you please sent me these photos to my Facebook?? i am cinthia gabriela taubenfeld lavigne! please!
hellen muller
herit123 herit
2:08 a muslim??? So we are friend and family!!!!
1:15 nyc!!
kathrine dsilva
her hair and teeth were goals in 2002 and 2003..i bet back then she had no idea what she would look has a popstar...
khlood alhmamiy
She is look so old 2:38
I'm shocked 2:38
namiera addini
Avril born to be the black star
pam ricaforte
shes just 28 youre making her a grandma!\n
paula Quizana
CUUUUTTTTEEEEE!!!!! \u003c3\u003c3\u003c3\u003c3 AVRIL :)
so she was reallly into the whole rocker thing when she was in her lkike LATE teens, like prob 17/16/or 18 yrs old.
punk rock for life
Wait Avril's a natural blonde? i thought she was a natural brunette and she just dyed her hair blonde :S
roxy gomez
Princessavrilxx no she is 27
now she's 30
svdie kvy
You can tell by the jawbones if it's her.\nLove you Avril do what you do just keep on laughing!!
dirty blonde :)\n
aweseome!!!! thanks for sharing some pics of the person who inspires me to be me!!!!\nROCK ON\nVerona Rose
2:25 really pretty!!
zack gaming
She always seems happy and naturally style on teen age
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