young Avril Lavigne performance @ bookstore (2001)

Young Avril Lavigne perform some songs at bookstore (2001). She was discovered by her first professional manager, Cliff Fabri, while singing country covers at a Chapters bookstore in Kingston, Ontario.first song is "It Matters To Me" by Faith Hillsecond is "Wide Open Spaces" by Dixie Chicksthird is "How do I live without you" by Leann Rimesand of course fourth song is "Adia" by Sarah McLachlanthank you for spreading the love!

Avril Lavigne bookstore rare

sad case in suicide,finishide with your career,but your star,never it will be, wipe off, for their fans
AR z
So sweet
Aimee MSP XD
She is NOT dead she has NOT been cloned, so shut up, okay?? Its really upsetting all this crap about her killing herself! Nobody can replace the amazing person that is Avril Lavigne. If you believe otherwise, you need to open your eyes and realise what rubbish youre believing 🌌
Ana Paula Pinho
Me lembra um poico a voz da Sandy 😱😲😂
Andersson Drs
Da vontade chorar vendo essas musicas
April Harleys
Avril Lavigne Fan 369
so young and so cute!
it's amazing that this was in 2001 and how fast in a just a short time later from doing covers at book stores to playing massive concerts love this girl so much truly a rare talent
Becca Flynn
Okay people, what does it matter if she sang country, pop, indie, r&b, or whatever? As long as she sang something to get her noticed and so popular. That's all that matters right? And Maybe she had no choice at the time. I mean, if she didn't sing at all, we wouldn't have all her awesome albums and songs to listen to. And personally, I think she sounds better singing country music.
Benjamin riggs and outdoors &A
im starting to feel old this was like 2 years before me getting into highschool
Betülina oO
Real Avril Lavigne
Burn My Uncle
The opening parts of the first song are referenced for “I don’t give”
She is Soo beautiful :)
she sing wonderful... much much better than nowdays! :) very emotional performer.... :) i love her old style :)
Celeste LBS
I'm so proud of her
it weird to hear her sing country, it fits though...
Courtney Harmon
Wow...she sounds Amazing!!! Country songs really suit her voice! I love how \
Not rly
Daniel Iregui
Que angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Das Bienchen
They just created an image for her and that‘s what sold her albums. Nothing more. Also it‘s unnatural that her voice sound higher when she‘s in her 30s
Den Kaneko
She's so cute!
Dmitry Portal
Me gusta mucho, muy bien
I loveee her voice!
I never did this before but... \n\nWho are here because of Head above water ? \nMake some noise ! :) She's so awesome since forever ...
Genesis Jaylo
That voice is still that! :)
I listen everyday
my queen:'( she sings like all angel voices. babbeeee
Harith Z
im gonna cry :'))))
Hasna Kamilia
I love this \u003c3
Jackie Tong
Who knows what the names of these songs are?
Jacob Phillips
a very young avril lavigne #avrillavirgin
Julia Müller
Here is the list of the songs ;) \n1) it matters to me by faith hill\n2) wide open spaces by the Dixie chicks \n3) how do I live by LeAnn Rimes \n4) adia by Sarah McLachlan \n5) how do I live by LeAnn Rimes again ;)
Kaitlyn Dees
woah avril lavigne used to sing country!
Kathlene Jensen
So awresome!!
Kenneth Yeung
She would've been Taylor swift
Still so beautiful!!
Lavinnia Lukyanova
R.I.P \n#Eterna\nAvril Lavigne Rock Queen.♥
Lon Andyg
Now I breathe cause you're here with me. -[Song Lyrics from I Will be, Avril Lavigne]
Luciana Freires
Warrior ❤❤❤
Lucky Digal
Very nice...!!! I miss your young time...!!!
Yeah of course. Looks like an Little angel
16 years old
Madison Pape
She was great when she was little to
Martina Rodriguez
Como es que una persona puede ser tan linda y tierna toda su vida? Avril :3
Milda Amankavičiūtė
so much better than now! \u003c3
I love this version of Adia more than the song that she did years later xD Her voice is so pure here
Müshfig Rzazadeh
she is so cute
Nehwon Wondor
She Sang Country? Before Punk Rock-ish.
Off Players
Avril tem a voz incomparável... a melhor de todas sempre 💖
Oh Lawd
Damn.... she could had been Taylor Swift.... instead of Girlfriend, she should had gone country.... still can
Patrick Brown
That was the best section of Chapters to bring in merchandise and shoplift. Those nice couches and rustic artwork made it even more enjoyable and easy. I remember stealing hundreds of dollars of shit back in that room.
Pearl Daisa
you guys just shut up with the issue about that melissa thing?!!..she was like 15 when she started her career and 16 when she signd the contract!of a deal about baing a awsome singer and noe shes just 32 !other poeple in 30+ still looks young! same to her pls dont make any taboo issues about her..lets just pray for her about her being ill😢😍
Pedro Z
So young
Raul Huseynov
Sweet princess.. Avril you are always best !
Resti Seftia
Why is she looks like kristen stewart
I miss you Avril Lavigne 😢😢:(:'(
Robert Gold
A very young Avril Lavigne #avrillavigne
Adia \u003c3
Rose Sweetie Pie
She's not dead, chumps!
Ruby Quijano
this is the avril i love i wonder where is that powerful voice now¿? avril's voice has changed so much it's even softer and she didn't keep the pitch i am about to believe this avril is death!!
RIP Real Avril Lavigne.. You will never be forgotten. One day light will shine upon your tragic case.
i'd like to listen to the whole performance especially the first one:)
SavedSinner 03
Click on the video, hear the piano and I was so confused. \
Sean Cobb
awwe young avril :D
So weird hearing her sing country. She still sounds amazing, though!
Stevenson D
She's better w/ country music😂😅✌
Anyone can give the list of the songs ?
Yacine Kara
it makes me wanna cry
aesthetic bae
is she a blonde this whloe time and not brown? bc when she got famous her hair's brown...
how did she become a rock princess??
angha napie
So cute 😍
avs hley
2018???? 💖💖💖💖
i was crying as i watched this....
christine ruieh cabrera
avril is really talented since she were young...... #loveit  \ni like her voice
OMG so cute, so out going, to sing at a book store first time was in front of 300 people at a school fundraiser,I was terrified
gaby C.
I would have liked she to continue singing country music
How do I live without Avril?\nHow do I breath without Avril?
heinkel delizo
well her original genre was country after all. she was discovered at the shania twain concert for her opening act.
jaycee paat
what is the tittle of da song guys pls tell me then i donwload it da first song \u003c3
julie tomlinson
she's so young when she started to sing!!!so amazing she got beautiful voice love ya
mcdrizzle mcdrizzle
miss Cosita
i hope you are good in the heaven rip avil
nur adha
my idol, avril lavignie kids
Her performance wasn't all that good but I absolutely love her sweater
What the hell happened to that beautiful voice she had in 2001? Sad...
rian renata
she's so precious
seonlion 3
she is pretty now but way more prettier at that time.
Сергей Обжоров
She's so young and so grown-up!!
классно слушать.
مارتي ألبا
rip,real avril lavigne😢
She always make me to cry