Only Girl In The World (Keenan Cahill)

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#redhotchilipeppers :p
His eyes tho
1 Amazing Girl
Adrian Latoszek
Ja jebie co ja pacze :X
This dude is 20 years old holy shit
What a great performance! Oh yes, I like it! You're fantastic!
Alyssa Mendez
Lol I love this so much 😂😂👌👌👏👏👏
Andrea Anders
Andrea Bianchi
this is utter shite
Andrew Nicol
I hate this its so bloody weird
Arleth Landeros
Asian Freetime
Looking at his face really makes me cringe but it's funny when he is dancing and lip syncing
Cabbage -
Coco nutt
whaaaaat is your problem maaaaaaaannn????????????????
Collen Bailey
In the beginning I felt alone...But you were there to save me from the darkness....I need you and your down syndrome.jk
Cool kides Kides
Hi I love you too baby
Daniel Cettour
it's like a clon between elton john and my aunt
Daniil Paulo
i switch to porn if someone walks in on this, because its easier to explain, lol
Devil Girl Plays
like the song you picked
Doc Brown
think about the last time you where this happy...just saying
Erica Messerschmitt
So I just started watching him yesterday, bc I saw one of his videos at camp and I thought he was really funny with his face expressions and everything but that's just my opinion. If u have something mean to say don't post it here. He's just trying to have fun. Let him do his own thing. He didn't ask u to judge him so don't. Next time u have something mean to say keep it to yourself
1980 - we are gonna have flying cars in the future \n\n\n2017 - ...
Fabian Gutierrez
Baila maldito marciano
Fanny Gallegos
U rock keep the hard work
Gabriel FAM
so freak, but I like it! lol
Hannah Pirosa
Is he 5 or 47?😂
Hellmann manna
i love you
Horror Gaming
*What I do when I’m home Alone* 😂
Hunter Clark Is a Legend
Looks like a young Garry Lyon
I hate this kid
Izzy Ghrian
omg !!!! this is so amazing !!! far so better than Rihanna !
Jake Scott
2018 and still get nostalgia from this
Jamie Hauger
lol this is cute and wierd at the same time
Javier Ciezar
Much better than rihanna
Jeremiah Sprague
Jesse Beaty
This is straight hilarious that someone decided to waste part of their lives doing this😂
Joann Manzanares
Funniest thing i have EVER SEEN😂😂😂
John Henry
I think I just turned asexual.
Joseph McKay
Lol funny af
Josh Mckinnley
He creeps me out....
Katie Gregory
This is so funny LOL
Ke’shawn Cribbs
You’re head is shaped like a Skittle
This is me on Fridays
Lealand Phoenix
Yasssssssssssssssss work it
Jakby jeszcze poruszał ustami dokładnie jak ona śpiewa to jeszcze by uszło a tak nie da się na to patrzeć... Nie jestem jakimś człowiekiem który się śmieje z ludzkich nieszczęść ale to.... to jest jakaś porażka wszyscy nad nim się litują jak ja pierdole.... a potem wielce piszą na takich że mu wszyscy zazdroszczą sławy.. gówno prawda... robi z siebie jeszcze większego kretyna... jak kurwa down się tu zachowuje, krzywi ryj i myśli że to jest fajne
MR Nick
MT Edits
WTF is this
Marek Vorel
this stupid :-D
Marilyn Camilo
why are you not singing because i know people voices so yeah
Matias vargas
q feo
Matthew H
This is clearly the best video ever LIKE EVER!!!!
Maysoun Bssise
Omg that moment when you think your crush likes you 0:37
Melerohd 5
Jooooooder este video me le enseñaron cuando tenia 7 o 6 años y ahora tengo 12!!!
Miss Akabane
Hello again dark side of youtube
Ms Johnnie Lynn Hammons
This is to Keenan Cahiill ... You are AWESOME ... I LOVE YOU
Natalia Calleja
Nyanna vlogs Nyanna vlogs
Ollie Goat
no panties are dry right now
Pink InkTM Pink InkTM
omg my curious self searched lip syncing this came up\ni think my shitty life problems have just melted away
Everyone in my family loves this guy. Killin it brah!
10 times better than Rihanna
Rade Dimitrov
Scum !
did he escaped from the institution
Reem Salman
You are awesome, Keenan! Do your thing buddy!
Rosteria Chan
😐 creepy
Sandra Marie Lopez
lml!!!! funny, this made my day, I'm sure he was tired after all the dancing
Lmao finally found this again after looking for it for so long
Tristan Svela
Ok, enough internet for today.
Victoriously_Dreaded Schadrac
lol he's so cute n silly. LIVE ON MY FRIEND !!!
Vivien Berki
XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wendy Combe
Love this so much
Wendy Dunham
Favorite video yet! Favorite Youtuber yet. Other than family members, He is my favorite PERSON in the world!
Why are you Here
This is beautiful
William Noujaim
So cute, wait, this is a man?\nMy bad :P
Wolf vlogs
Ynette Spain
a square potato
ahmed tamer
courtney landers
dragon titan798
fin_rider06 !!
i cant stop smiling of watching this. Nice vid
jovey stephens
this reily cute
kara kara
Amina koyim rihanna nın bundan haberi varmı asdsdsd
laura santos
1:15 i just die '-'
lil nice
Whaaaa when he was this I was 15 lol
madara i ja
Applaus ( :
Dude u are so awsome keep working to the top dont litsent to hate just litsen to love u are awsome
nevaeh hidalgo
Omg this is so so funny I love this video
queen_rina6 rina
play to much gta
tania wanigasekera
😆😆😆😆😆😆100 times better than her
the puppet show
Sucks but cool
vnc gaming xcmg Games
This guys got downcindrome
people who bully him are really immature and childish... you guys just find a \nimpingement object and bully them cause you got bullied in reality and afraid to stand up for yourself and act mature...