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January 8, 2019 | Stephen Curry Full Highlights 2019.01.09 Warriors vs Knicks - 14 Pts, 14 Asts, 7 Rebs! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'DISCLAIMER - All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended, all videos are edited to follow the "Free Use" guideline of YouTube.____

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How awesome his vision is!
1,000,000 subscribers without videos
Best backcourt of all time don’t @ me
1400 Curry
Atiqur Rahman
Steph gets past all the players has a chance to score but is unselfish so he give it off wat a great guy
Billy Hilly
Though he scored only 14 pts, all those baskets were entertaining as well as his assists.. Steph the great!
The golden state fans are so lucky. Not only do they have the bed team on the nba but they are the most fun to watch.
Cardi B
The Raptors missed out on curry
Steph with his best Westbrick impression minus the turnovers😂
14 assists bruh
Dhruv Shrivastava
Run the offense through Steph and then witness greatness
Stfu with the 5/19. He ain't gonna drop 40pts on 50% on 3s every night.
It's pretty easy to get 14 assists when you got 2 scoring superstars on your team.
Edison Yau
Y’all know what happens when Curry’s cold for a night and what happens on next day. 😈50 point night vs bulls on Friday.
Emmanuel Dattey
Best PG in the league
Eric Cartman
Crazy how even after this game he’s still shooting better from 3 than Westbrick is from the field lmaooo
Ernesto Rivera
Their assisting ability has just rollin up...the missing link to this team. Continue this til PLAYOFFS.
God Westbrick
Lol, on the last Curry vid everyone was saying how Curry is so efficient and all that garbage to shit on Harden. Well, Harden ain't getting 14 pts on 19 shots. I know that much.
Green Runs Deep
5-19 lmao
Guided Hands
Point guard STEPH.
Hector Zeroni
Jamal Murray\u003eCurry
Henry Tran
Shooting God when he want & Point God when he want 💯
What's the arena music at 0:28?
I’m A Fun Guy Kawhi
Steph imitating Harden’s double step back against the Kings. Now he’s copying Westbrick’s terrible FG%. What’s next?
Jayelyn Guy
Joe Brooks
steph on his a game and thompson on his a game and durant being the role filler that he is.
Johnny Lun
4:50 was filthy, wish Steph hit that 3
Joshua Hendricks
Traaaaash shooting game, but good for him for stepping up as the distributor.
is this curry's highlight or klay?
Kristopher Pasia
5 out of 19 shots....highlights of trash
Lamajay Williams
double double😂 curry
Leo Mazzina
what is that cry that is heard after each 3s?
he bout to go off next game
You guys know I am not a Steph hater. He is the GOAT shooter But 5-19. Russ would get crucified for that
Maaz Qamar
warriors were toying with the trash defence
Mark Edison Palle
MVP. 💪
Mcoy Pinera
lol them haters are only looking at his FG, yet he has the highest plus/minus throughout the game
Most Dominant Hater
Carried by Klay Thompson lmaoooooo
See how Klay has a great night when Stephen Curry is the primary ball handler. I keep saying Curry is beyond greatness makes people look like super stars
NYDelly Dell
*headphone warning **2:28*
Nathan Garcia
Best PG in the NBA!
Nattanan Fluke
Steve nash be like.... haha😂😂
OTF Brav - o
When curry scores 14 pts “he is trash” he gets carried all the time , when Zo scores 2 pts Zo played really well \n\n\n\n\n\nLevels\n\nBut but he is good in defense 😂
Lemme get those Mario Hezonja highlights
Panda Xtreme
westbrick like performance tonight! 3 reb shy of a tripleD, still awesome but i hope he recovers from his trash shooting for next game
Paritosh Kaushik
Easily one the greatest PG of all time no cap
Phillip Beckman
I am a Sixer fan. But my respect is due to Curry. He's revitalized the 3 point shot. He's a mix of Reggie Miller and tactics like Stockton. Dangerous player. I've got my eyes open I have to admit greatness
Proud Pinoy
Damn klay is a beast
Rass B
Best ever unselfished player in nba history Steph Curry
Ricardo Garcia
Weird. I think KD had a 14-14 game against the Knicks last year too.
Rick Rias
next time dont make a trash highlights
RussLL WestBrick Aka Stat Padding Ninja Turtle
Stephen \u003e WestBrick
RusseLL Westbrick
5/19? Damn, he was lookin like me out there
Sandra Contreras
Steph Curry is soooo exciting to watch. Those passes were \
SheLovesYaBoi _
this is his only time getting under 20 points this season. if klay was not hot that game he would’ve done way better. if someone is hot you gotta keep feeding them. just because curry is a scoring person doesn’t mean he can’t pass.
Slim 803
Iverson \u003e curry
Souluso T
Makes it look so easy..
Supa Spicy Handles
He finally has more than 10 assists. Last time he had that was 2016
The Nigelle Douglas
The announcers just gonna brush over that crazy dribble move on the last play between the legs behind the back step back with one arm?
The3ptgod 30
Tianhang Liu
Trey Simpson
Rondo Curry in the buildin
Tyler Jones
Played terrible tonight offensively but it is good to see that he’s getting his assist up more been saying for the longest that Kerr should stop having him play off ball so much and let him control the offense more
Tyrone Meneese
Can do trea young highlights versus the 76ers
Near triple double, bad shooting but other than that great game!
Wali Muhammad
3 rebounds away from a triple double
Xavier Channer
Idk but I kinda like curry playing as a Point God. Really fun to watch if u ask me. He should really play like this a lot more sometimes ( with obviously better FG percentage than today)
Young thug
Dawkins hates kd LoL
box basketball
4:56 damn that ballhandling tho
bruce lau
Even against the Knicks , he didn’t even had to score that much , he shot horribly offensively but they didn’t really need him that much cause Klay was hot
joab nyabuto
If Steph hit that last shot tho.
As of right now curry \u003e Kyrie\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003ewest brick And I am a Celtics fan And kyrie is my favorite player
richard flores
3:59..SC best PG.. 😂
ronron gee
Golden State Warriors 2019 NBA Champion
watchful news
Anybody notice if steph plays the distributer / and not the scorer, we torch people by 30.
Чинтулга М
2nd best pg of all time for me.