Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (5/10) Movie CLIP - Ritual Heart Removal (1984) HD

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1:48 thru 2:04 Sacrifice him!!Sacrifice him(Hindi)!!
;Semi Collin;
I like that \
Abdirahman Djibouti
Amrish puri. Memorable acting genius
So the credit goes to Amrish puri for the first PG-13 certificate. A taste of Amrish puri acting to westerners.
Amina Sheraz
RIP Amrish Puri, the best Bollywood villain ever. You gave kids like me the best memories. We miss you.
Axel Nilsson
That was heart-breaking get it
Big smoke
And I thought this was pg
Boring person
i was 4 or 5 when i saw this first time. my mom didn't even know and she denied it when i told her.
Brandon Broderick
They probably used a dummy human chest in order for Mola Ram to rip the guy's heart out.
CBL 3000
I’m surprised this didn’t get an r rating
Chan Chee Weng
This actually means sacrifice to mother kali\nMaa
Charles Iannini
I remember as a kid seeing this for the first time at my grandparents house I was running up the stairs screaming.
Chevy Racer
I had a dream last night that someone with feathers on his head reached in my chest to grab my heart out. I grabbed his hand and I Shoved him away. The weird part is I woke up this morning with chest pains and all day I’ve had them. There are no marks Believe me looked. Just Freaky!!
Comedy back to back
He is most dangerous villain of bolliwood.
Conor Tacopina
Not gonna lie this tramatized me as a kid.....\n\n\n\n\n\n...but I loved it!
Crimson cringe
Kalimah shook the day!!!
Daniel Guizar
As a kid when I saw this scene it freaked me out a lot. That was scary.
Daniella Valadez
Declan Hall
2:08 sounds like a lightsaber when the heart goes on fire
Devesh Prasad
Aao kabi haweli pe
This is the most kid friendly scene ever. Im not being sarcastic I’m serious. This doesn’t even scare me, I mean it used to.
Ella Johnson
That poor man....the way he screamed as he slowly started to go down into the temple of doom gives me chills every single time
Farhana Khondaker
Amrish Puri always terrified me in all his films my whole life. This is something that made me feel something beyond terror. He is and always will be the best villain that ever lived.
This scene created the PG-13 rating
Frost12345 Frost12345
mola ram,s heart was never really in it
This is exaggeration. Nothing of that sorts happen in India or are included in the Indian traditions .
Gerardo Gonzalez
2:08 Darth Vader ignites his lightsaber SFX
Gold Shack Pictures
That is way more violent than I remember. First time I watched this was nearly 10 years ago.
Gurpreet Singh
hindi me kaha se milegi ye movie ?
Hardik Dikshit
Mogambo Khush hua
Haseeb Rehman
amresh puri was a legend
Hatred Sans
Satan:Oh look another sacrafice I think he did far too much damage\nGod:Poor guy\nHumans:This should be a movie
Henry History
As a Cleveland sports fan, I know exactly how that dude feels.
I dont like seeing long usernames on youtube
Stupid old fart
How is he still alive!?!!!?????
Imaad Shahrukh
The only volcano in India is in the Andaman islands.
Such a heart-warming scene.
It's Amazing!
1:22 This scene was reused in an Indian film, where the same villain orders his henchmen to jump into a similar acid pit.(Mr India-1987)
J&J Films
This scene legit created the PG 13 rating, search it up
This was such a great movie
Jacky Beck
Kali Ma.. Kali Ma.. Kali Ma..
I puke every time this shit happens
James Faraci
Ladies and Gentlemen How They fire low level reporters on Fox News!
Jenni Louise Cox
I keep saying people watch too much TV. They live in a dream world.
Joseph Marrison
The only scene I did not like in this movie.
Julie Smith
Kewl Ken
More rum.....more rum...more rum, sugar rum..bum bum.
Lone Wolf
This is how my heart surgery went.
Reminds me of the last church service I went to.
Lucas Martínez Parra
that's disgusting
Manoli S.
And this is why we have PG-13
Martin Moore
That was some ritual, not to mention the chants.
Master M
2 things why is there no translation for this scene and when they are speaking Hindi/Cantonese? And secondly Spielberg made a great choice to put Amrish Puri in this movie bcs in Indian movies he is known as a badass.
Matt Casey
Rated E for Everyone
The method he used to remove his heart is fake but then the dude is still alive when his heart is gone wtf so fake he should have died even before he was burnt
Miroslav Ťažký
R.I.P. Amrish Puri (*1932-+2005)
this is the worst way to die
Man that's such a bad case of heart burn
0:19 all seeing eye
ISIS anyone?
Nanu PM
The heart breaking scene
Paritosh Pandey
Lot of people here consider this as horrifying,WTF is scary In it?he had just taken out his heart,Hollywood makes much better scenes in which there is no heart pulling drama,clapping scene of conjuring is way more horrifying than this,I guess the face of Amriah Puri is more scary.
Paul Hui
It's a great scene . But WTF ?
Prince J
Imma Faint. Holy crap
This movie wasn't allowed to be shot in India, later, it was banned.
0:38 And thus PG-13 was born!
Rhodie Slayer
parts of the song remind me of duel of fates choir
Richard Hoadley
Hi Indiana Jones the afternoon
Robert R
I've always thought that the heart removal was just an illusion.
Samar Iqbal
That was so heart wrenching!😎
Sarthak Panda
Lived in India all this time and didn't know the forsworn were with us too.
Shaniez Nohar
When he pulled the heart out I was like oh my gosh 😨😨😨
Shannon Curtis
I love shorty's gasp the moment the heart was ripped out
Slicky Kid
Properly the freakiest scene in the entire Indiana Jones franchise.\n\nI think This part messed me up when I was a kid.
Street Spitzley
The victim disliked this because he has no “heart!” Get it, his heart was ripped out, and he had no heart. What a pun right? Pun intended
T-Birdus Thoracis
This scene terrified me when I was a kid. I always shut my eyes when he breaks through the skin; it still freaks me out to this day.
Kano: You're doing it too slow. Let me do it!
That’s Sauce
Golly Mah
The Film Expert
Isn't this scene just HORRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pulling a guy's heart out!!!!!!!
Thomas pk01
Rated PG
Iski jaan meri muthi mein hae\nMeaning his life is in my hands or his soul is in my hands
berndeana dean
PG had the right rating
This scene gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.
What a great actor amrish puri
Have to admit, that poor guy had a lot of heart! Well, that is one of the worst ways to get fired! Talk about a burn notice or burning your bridges! He must of had some serious heart burn after that. Nothing a little Prilosec couldn't cure!
eren yeager
Questions:\n\n1) how the hell does his hand penetrate the skin like that? Much less the guy's ribcage.\n2) How the HELL does the skin just seal back up like that?\n3) HOW IN HELL is the dude still alive without his heart?\n4) HOW IN THE HELL is the guy's hands not burning while holding an immolating heart?!
gyanendra singh
Amarish Puri was greatest actor ever
I was heavy into DnD when I saw this movie. I thought the whirlpool was a planar portal or something. Then again the concept of other planes and portals in DnD was usually figurative instead of literal, anyway.
Well how surprising Regina and Rumple aren’t there, or Cora lol to those who get my joke
omkr 01
00:02:12 My heart burns for you babe! Be my valentine!
Kal Penn’s Comedy Central Roast
sandeep kumar
only for #amrishpuri
tawn sawyer
this guy just didnt have the heart to survive the pain
tharun pelleti
this scene proved that even Hollywood won't follow can a man live when heart is ripped out?\nand don't misunderstand KALI she looks like ferocious demon but she is destoryer of demons and a caring mother of all biengs of the world even today we people compare a daring girl as KALI.Original form of KALI is DURGA,She became KALI to a kill a demon RAKTHA BEEJ his one blood drop creates thousands of monsters when spilled on the ground and to prevent this she elongated her tongue and sucked all the blood drops spilling from demon's body before spilling on the ground.these thugees used her name just like the ISIS use the name of islam.may be thugees deserve the name hindu terrorists.
veera rudra
this is how westerners shows eastern cultures. 100% false, illusion of director
1:38 sounds like Mike Wazowski screaming
В гостях у Jango Fett'а