Something The Size of Pluto Once Smashed Into Mars

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Anubhav Yadav
nice job..i feel that may be the same reason for the thinning of atmospheric gases and because of dust clouds perhaps the microorganism may have produced methane in Anaerobic or without sunlight chemical reaction.
Nazeem and the dark brother hood did it
Cesare Vesdani
Yes that's right. Something big enough must have smashed its way into Mars to form the Marian craters that we are familiar with today. The Moon was also bombarded with asteroids that created those impact craters that we see today.
Maybe the Martians (if they are real) got killed by the Unknown object.
What about a tsunami of legos?
David Wootton
Graham Hancock wrote about this in his book, see...........\
Days With Dae
So Mars was 2nd Earth one time!
Divya Darshan Chhetri
What was Jupiter's gravity doing that time?Why didn't it pulled or changed the course of the asteroid, of the size that of pluto!
Ethan Sanchez
That collison wiped out Martin's life
Fahad Rawashda
Poor Mars Something Pluto size that's like the size of Russia 😔😔😔 half of Mars is gone!!!
Fidgincer l The Mad Channel!
Something the size of Mars once smashed into Earth
CONFIRMED! mars once had life. maybe earth and mars where brother and sister 5 billion years ago
Haritz Skyline
very interesting
Mars has poles, is mars a strip club?
It's a shame. Only a few degrees to the left or right, and Mars keeps its magnetosphere and its air, and then we'd have Martians as next-door neighbours right now...
Flat earthers dislike the video
Ishan Sinha
Very sad. Could we have found Martian fossils by now if that hadn't happened?
Jacob Canote
Not an impact. Mars was carved by a thunderbolt of the gods. Likely a close approach by Saturn during the Great Tack. The main sculptor of geological features in the universe are not from impacts but from electrical discharges between to electrified bodies. This is the same force that gives comets their tails. The megalithic features of mars are all a result of electrical machining.
Jaime Garcia
planets have hard crust planets dont just mix in like cpu simulations lets be more logical ..the reason why mars died was because it was our moon at the time i was behind ceres or w.e but it got kicked so hard it got spit out fast ..hit the atroid belt and heading towards mars..bringing more drama to it ..once it was near the gravitational bounderies it set off the volcanoes once it kissd tge surface it kept scraping thru till tge moons gravity pull forced the surface twards the south..then it left it with astroids damages from the recent ceres earth put a stop to it it hit pangea but bounced back facing us for so many centeries and thats how we have our pacific spread and hawaii was a bigger volcano before it got smushed by the moon ..leavin yellowstone with a bubble of lava near oyr surface
Jarid Gaming
if this is true then why does Mars not have a moon, I mean it has 2 but they are captured asteroids. if this is true Mars should have a moon like earth since it is basically the same collision.
Jasler Primus25
Over 5 billion years ad what mars could be look now and Pluto will be terrestrial planet?
the question i have now: did this event create what we now know as mars?
Juan Rosario
Trumps ego
Karasaph Exonar
I don't like that theory. After all, the Mars should have tectonic plates, like earth. There is a massive rift. If this theory explains the massive rift, then it's valid.\nBut something might have hit Mars. I have heared a story of a remote viewer, and there was one story where he said, that the people on Mars were expecting a massive event. Maybe the massive impact? Sounds plausible. You don't just escape a planet.
Khairul Umam Al-Banjari
Can you SEE \
Kris Nicholson
This is where we figure out that the moon isn't ours and the water disbursed from the collision ended up on earth.. With the kicker that whatever caused it is on its way back round and is what we refer to as... Nubiru.. All casual like..
LegendGaming__YT X
Mars took a asteroid to the knee for us....
Lucas Czekay
So it still hasn't cooled down after so many years? 🤔🤔🤔😯
Major Renegade
hmmm very interesting therory
maybe thats where the water was?
Mike Lcml5c
Why didn't Mars not get knocked out of orbit? or knocked on its side like Uranus?
MrWolf // MRW
Maybe this is why Mars isn't habidle anymore if it ever was :D
That explains DC's story of mars
In year 2069 there's object the size of moon once smashed to pluto
Is it assumed that Mars's moons Phobos and Deimos are a result of this impact?
Niksatar 25
Something the size of mars crashed into the earth: the sequel
Shouldn't mars core gotten bigger? cuz they said it hit the core
Nz TWeaKz
Does this show that mars has Icey poles?
Raymond K Petry
So—Mars/M'Ares didn't-have quite-enough gravity to spherical-ize itself afterward: does that mean that Mars/M'Ares is-not a planet under the newest definition....
Mars Took One For The Team!
Robert Gough
Is it possible that the astroid that killed the dinosaurs was part of the deebree from the mars collision
Am I the only one who want to meet the narrator guy?
it was the moons evil twin. :)
Supermad Australian Hacker
mars maybe got his moon before!
If something the size of Pluto hit Mars and something the size of Mars hit Earth, I wonder if something the size of Earth hit Uranus to tip it over
Something The Size of Mars Once Smashed Into Earth
look at this video pluto the evil face has a planet the size of it that hit mars
Plot twist. It was Pluto that hit mars.
ZOBE eboz
What if thats what demolished the life on mars.... What if we were from mars and we left to avoid that :o idk :/
it smashed mars
Thats the one that killed life from mars!! atmosphere gone, water gone, life gone. :/
greNnas 21
A tsunami of rocks sound very scary
Could it have been possible if hundreds of millions of years ago Mars and Earth had an orbit that crossed over at a point and mars, maybe didnt fully impact but maybe grazed earth? It could have potentially caused the basin in mars, wiped out species on both planets, and set a new orbit for mars where it is at today
mage2 mage2
that would make mars,s two moons 🌚
One answer to all solar system mysteries: a Giant Impact Hypothesis
Scientists. Always trying too hard snd tryna seem important.
rice asian
oh look \na planet with life\n\n\nshould be ashame\nif someone smashed it
wermacth Akmal
Then why thea collide on earth not like mars???
Stupid this is impossible