14 Strange Ways of Life the Ancient Egyptians Practiced

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We often think that we are completely different from ancient people, but archaeology shows that we are quite wrong. Here is a list of 14 unbelievable facts about the life of ancient Egyptians. TIMESTAMPSThe invented written language

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Like if you are an Egyptian 😻
They shaved their heads because of bugs
Wow BRIGHT SIDE you're claiming to be bright, yet your first fact is wrong. Keep on informing- you're what's wrong with this world today
Ana's universe
The brain was from dead people bechause they thought that the brain was not important, so they gave it away and use it for treat eyes
Anna-Lisa Girling
The thick black eyeliner in kohl or malachite was initially to protect their eyes from the glare on the sun.  Desert peoples still do this.  Then it sort of evolved into a beautification strategy, too.
Annbrial Lawrence
The Mesopotamians where the first people to have a written language, and a lot of other really important things like laws
Anstria Tarot
Myrrh is excellent for gum disease and still used today.
Anuradha Mathur
Say whatever but they were one of the smartest people in the history of the world and every Egyptian should be proud of their ancestors. I'm not an Egyptian but I'm really impresses by them, like highly impressed.
Ané Klopper
This is clickbait
Arsania Hany
that's were I am from it is reley cool.
8:16 Me last Friday night... Do you like this game?
Bellhel 227
They ate sand ahhh only kids do that I don’t do that what wink wink
Beza Takele
It is originally Ethiopian calendar. They took it from us. We are still using it. Many ancient invasion and civilization developed in Ethiopia. We have a lot of ancient books that discuss about medical, architectural and religious issues.
Chelsea Derry
I think it's rediculious to believe that no other advanced society ever existed. It's a cycle that keeps building until its destruction... Then we start again
Chim Cham
“Here comes the gross part...the richest and most noble people wore wigs made out of actual human hair”\n\nMy 24 inches Peruvian body wave 100% human hair wig says hiiiiiiii 😩😂
Christophe Valiant
The Sumerians invented written language over a thousand years before Egyptians. You need to correct your information.
Chrystyna Mohr
They invited alot of modern things that we use today😁☺🙂😊☺😃😊😊😉☺🙂😃
Hello strange person scrolling down this page.
CreativeQueen x
Cute kitty
Wow....first one and ALREADY WRONG!\nthe Sumerians and Maya invented writing independently of each other long before the Egyptian existed. Maybe next time you should use some ACTUAL facts. Unsubbing. AAAAAAANNNND, they’re called HIEROGLYPHICS. ANNNNNNNNNNNNND, try typing the Y in THEY!!!
D - Man013
You play with them balls like it’s fifa
I did not ask for \
Dreoilín the Didactic Dinkum The Wren
So much of this is not actually based in fact.
Ellie Avenelle
That's it! This Bright Side guy is nothing but click bait. Not another click from me!
Eren Yeager
yes it is still a discovery\nif i go to a park and dig up a several thousand year old coin/medallion, but i dont now what it is, i still discovered it
Ancient Egyptians invented Emojis, thx guys!
Girl of Many Vloggities
No way! So hieroglyphics were the original emojis?!
Thumbnail surprised me the most
Harriet Martin
Egyptians were way ahead of other peoples at the time. One other thing the Egyptians invented was toilet paper!
Ina Pickle
Egyptians didn't invent written language. Do some research for goodness sake.
I watched it at my school at open day and I was the the in charge for playing this video.
Sumerians invented written language
Egypt wasn't always desert, and don't forget it is apart of africa.
Janet Moscaya
*C L I C K B A I T*
Janis Dolan
A lot of this is spurious and inaccurate and a bit frivilous.
Jay 7
This vid is nonsense. The Egyptians did not invent written language and how is it gross to use human hair for wigs because last time I checked a lot of wigs are still made like that. And that's as far as I got and I'm not watching no more.
Jay Morales
Number 12 is not true the wore wigs because of the lice infestation at the time.
Jay haha
The title of this video is sooo misleading...
I'll keep that in mind next time I have an eye infection no pun intended
Today, we do not understand the mechanism of action of most drugs. But we still use them because they work. So.... yeah, if you discover moldy flat bread cures staph infections, you deserve some credit for that.
Jennifer Estes
I knew they used brains for something and they made and played bowling............... Yah that's about it.
Jenny Klindt
About wigs he said :\
Jessica Groberg
Why would it be gross they made wigs from actual human hair? People wear hair extensions made from 100% real human hair all the time. I have a bunch of sets myself... Not very gross.
Jun Jun Gatbos
Karina Nieslony
The picture when u see the video but ur not watching yet is EXTREMELY disturbing ):l
KatEMC08 -TheEmeraldMinecart
? there is a picture of birth but no birth is on the lis Why BRIGHT SIDE why?
Kattscratch Granny
The other reason for shaving the heads was due to lice.
Keisha Campbell
I don't believe that they ate food with sand in it... these people were highly intelligent.
Ken Hollis
Wasn't Cuneiform the earliest known system of writing?
Kenyo Siyaki
they called them Kemet not Egypt ...
Kristen Chandler
The title doesn't exactly match the video, but still interesting. Man, so many people bemoaning the good old days of their childhood when \
Lapis Lazuli
Did you know, the pyramids were actually around 2,000 years before the wooly mammoths died off? Egyptian facts ~
Lilly Rose
I can write hyrogliphics and i can read it😄
Lindsey H
I thought this was supposed to be \
Who are watching from mars... \nHi ..... Red people....
Mahmoud ELgbaLy
Hi ..im Egyptian ..and im so proud ..
Me Myself
Why is human hair wigs gross, did it come with the scalp or something?
Metal MaMa
And yet, not one section of the video dedicated to the picture shown to advertise the video. Smh.
MoonLight _
They didn’t make writing the Mesopotamians did
Mr Green eyes
They did not invent tables. Tables have been around before noahs day way before the Egyptians
Mr Peco
from the way i understand it\nMoses, the author of the first 5 books of the Bible,\nwas raised as Egyptian Royalty, pretty much where he learned to write.\n\nfor the most part of Western History, (i.e. modern day Europe, Britannia&USA)\nthat is the beginning of history, written history, with the Egyptians and Moses and the Bible.\n\nwith all that said, I always have a concern\nfor what may have existed before,\njust because it wasn't written, doesn't mean it didn't exist.\n\nthen again, its good to have a written document or written hieroglyphs \nat the least stating what did exist at that time
Muhammed Kinteh
They invented a lot of things.
Naomi Dsouza
Respect to these guys. Without this ancient culture and without Indian Culture the world would be doomed and still in the stone age. Also The germans rock
Nicolas Vargas
The Egyptians didn’t invent writing the sumerians did
Nikolai Belinski - Raiden
I tought the sumerians invented the alphabet. That was more than 5k years ago.
Nikolai Bolinski
Actually the ancient Sumerians invented the first known written language
Olimata Kah
this video is so flawed..Then again, what do I expect from a white man NARRATING Egyptian history.
Mesopotamian society had written language first
Omar Mohaed Elnagar
So my grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grnad grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand parent was the first police man ever
Over dramatic cat
Ancient Egyptian believed that therebos a second life that they will live forever in it and they putted everything they might need in the second life like food, etc and tooth paste
P.M. Hemalatha
I don't think these informative are correct
Parisee Gupta
Who.else is Not From *Egypt* ❤???
Patrick Star
I'm sure someone came for the Thumbnail
Prickly Pear
I hate it when nothing in the video refers to the thumbnail. Clickbait! And the Egyptians were certainly NOT the first to deliver their children from a squat position. It's still considered the best way to bring forth new life (with gravity working FOR you)!
Ramba Devil
To answer the question, yes it is still a discovery.
Rougue Ninja
regarding is it really a discovery if you don't know what you discovered. haha you should ask Columbus
Rulya Ard Mhacha Farley
Egyptians didn't invent written language. There are many areas around the world who had written language thousands of yrs before the Egyptian empire.
Saaniya Shandil
6:22 on the phone it said JHON DOE (ROBLOX)
Sakura Ecstasy
CHANGE YOUR THUMBNAIL \nCoz i came for that only 😧
Serbian Traveler
Missleading title. It is not the strange way of life of Egyptions, but reather what they did before us: invented table, care about teeth, use iron...
Sherrill Smith
It is extremely arrogant to say that the Egyptians of 5,000 years ago created a method using an antibiotic; however, they didn't know what they were doing or how the healing occurred. This is a silly assumption on the part of the writer of the video that fails to add significance to the video because it lacks credence. The belief that such an advanced civilization would not have scientists lacking inductive, deductive, or abductive reasoning. \n\nWhile they may not have used the words we have in the 21st Century to name or describe the medicine, it is ridiculous to assume they were unable to track cause and effect via trial, error, practice, failure, and success. There are many mathematical and scientific achievements of Egypt found by the explorers of the Egypt. The inability of archeologists to find the exact names for the ancient medical processes must be laid upon the Brits and others who followed them, not on blaming the Egyptians for being too clever.
Sincerely Ari
That moment when you want to comment that Columbus didn’t know he discovered America when he came 😂 he thought it was India. Plus there were people so I think it’s safe to say the Egyptians probably discovered antibiotics 😁😁
BS, the Egyptians did not invent written language, people were using pictographs before the Egyptians, such as at Ugarit.
Susan Davis
I watched a program about Imotep (sp?) and how he discovered using honey as an antiseptic for wounds. He also has been thought to be an early source of surgical techniques. He was a real person and had many skills.
Tanner Sorensen
whos watching at school
Taylore Music
Valerie Augustine
They also had slaves to do their hard work. That included their own people and people of other civilizations including the Hebrews. It was from these races of peoples that they learned how to do many things they did not know how to do and I believe they later took credit for those ideas not giving the ones who helped them learn how to. They were no match for God who told the then pharaoh to let His people go through his prophet Moses. They did not comply until God sent the plagues on them. Then pharaoh did, allowing the slaved Hebrews their freedom to go and live their lives in another country.
Yansee Oosteagaugh
Sumerian was the first written language.\nEye makeup was taught to the \
Youssef يوسف حافظ
I am from egypt\nانا من مصر
Zaryab Irfan
Hit like if you think EGYPTIANS built the Pyramids & not ALIENS
abdinoor ahmed
they invent toothpaste because they used eat food with a lot of sand! Bruuuh!!! Far From Logic!
Fun Fact: They worshipped cats and killing one was punishable by death. That being said, if your cat died, you were required to shave off your eyebrows to show you were in mourning. Cats have not forgotten this.
esther exil
“Is it really a discovery if you don’t know what you discovered?” How else did you think America was “discovered?” .. 😩
gachais life
well well well....the thumbnail was just DAB!
mad mutation22
Number 9 what lol.
Sumerian’s had 300 recipes and while it’s debated as to who it was that did it first, most agree Egypt was second, knew most all this except for bowling.. that one blows my mind a little..
sissy j Williams
I thought I'd learn some fascinating facts about ancient childbirth. I know it happens the same now as ever but different cultures had different ways of handling it. Even today there's different ways to experience it. I opted for all natural. Do not recommend it. Even the Egyptians probably wouldn't allow a woman to suffer through that. Curious about how they & others delt w/ the excruciating pain.
sulfur abcdefghijennifer
the baby in the thumbnail is cute
troy millay
The Egyptians didnt shave their hair because of the heat. Not primarly at least. It was because of lice.
誰か someone
i came because i'm interested in things like this but this video is clickbait.