Sesame Street: Thats About the Size

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If you're watching videos with your preschooler and would like to do so in a safe, child-friendly environment, please join us at Size is all about perspective.Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization which also produces Pinky Dinky Doo, The Electric Company, and other programs for children around the world.

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Alexei B
This kind of reminds me of the Powers of Ten video where it pulls back and then forward. Just beautiful.
Allen Belote
45 years and I wish they still taught kids this way. As an aside, this is a wonderful way to show a flare earther perspective. It's the reason I looked it up after all these years because if it taught me perspective at 4, may e it'll help some twenty something YouTubers
Anthony Rupert
I'm 34 years old and I STILL love watching this.
I can't help but feel that the singer sounds very lazy.
it looks like a trip oO\n
Constance Carson
He died yesterday.  RIP Bud.
Crystal Channell
Great lesson in spatial awareness.😁
DaisyVi Luck
My fave part was the sun flare that would then show the whole solar system. When I was a little kid, I would wait for that part
Dave Hal
I remember seeing this as an original and remember I was mesmerized by the visuals, song and music.
David Nethery
RIP , Bud Luckey. July 28, 1934 – February 24, 2018
Dean Onessimo
Season 3 (1971-1972)
Erica Valle
Rgd5x v
R.I.P. Bud Luckey
Am I having a Mandela Effect moment in believing that there was a longer version of this back in the day?
Fiona Anderson
Mum and I still sing this... I'm 44 and she's 73. Just wonderful.
Geoffrey W
Thank you so so soo much for finally uploading this song to YouTube. It was one of my favorite songs from the show ever, and it could always light up my face if I was feeling sad, and it still does. It brings a tear to my eye, and I even remember I had a school counselor who said this was his favorite song from the show. Not many people think of this, but I think this song could also be about how the world gets bigger as you grow up. When you're young, you're in this small town where you know...
I like how the singer is slightly off key. Real music made by real people. And hand drawn animation!
Greg Jude
So long, Bud; thanks for all the great memories and education.
Heather Ferreira
40 years later, ending still never fails to make me cry.  :')\n\nWell done, Bud Luckey and CTW. After all these years, still Sesame Street's single greatest cel segment masterpiece.
Hel Lo
Awww . If only bugs were that cute . LOL .
Henry S
RIP Bud Luckey.
One of the greatest things every animated.
Jacob Truesdale
@Cuteblondie1972 ok so it makes you think how small our universe is compared to the solar system. what you just said is saying basically comparing how small a planet is compared to an ant. you said it wrong the solar system is infinitesimally smaller than the universe
Jennifer Schillig
The concepts of \
Kong's Sushi
I wish they would tell us who the singers (artiste) are for these brilliant songs.
Laundry Faerie
Rest in peace, Bud Luckey.
Lindsay Planer
i had a dream that Tom Waits did this
Louis Tenore
i thought the bird was going to be stepped on or sollowed up
This would make a great song to stop bullying.
@LovesJustinBieber345 Thats called an instrument, but I wont go in detail
Marie Minxx
Thw perfectt song for All occasions lmao
Maryn Kyle
Had this song in my head all morning. Came here to revisit. Thanks you Bud & Sesame Street.
Meg Seig
There are 14 people disliking this. They have no souls.
Michael J.
R.I.P. Bud Luckey.
Michael Smith
@Rubberman202 Or The Galaxy Song from Monty Python's Meaning of Life?
Michelle Charlton
And the animator just passed away. He went to work for Pixar where he worked with animators who remembered this when small... RIP
Mr King Dice
I had a Fischer Price hand camera with this film cartridge and would play it forwards and backwards.
And still something else-because my mom and her parents are buried in Shenandoah,PA(in Annunciation BVM parish Cemetery up on Shenandoah Heights,PA,in with my grandfather's family) all the more reason to have fond memories of \
Nothing beats classic Sesame Street. The songs were wonderful and simple, yet had such meaningful lyrics. One of my favorites.
Noe V.
I just learned that Bud Luckey, the animator and songwriter for this and countless other gems has passed away. Godspeed Bud!
Obinna Aniagolu
Patrick Moore
Pedro Serrano
I want this played at my funeral/wake/memorial service. Deep, and yet uncomplicated and happy-making. Thank you Bud Luckey!
Ran Prieur
Even more trippy at half speed.
Rhonda Jeremiah
Few days ago this song popped in my head and it wouldn't go away, so I had to look it up. Sweet memories.
Rowan Mayfaire
I remember this now! i Loved this song as a child.
Anyone else reminded of the Animaniacs song about the universe?
Ryan Michero
RIP Bud Luckey
i love this thank you...
Sebastian Cox
Hold down 3 for repeated 'derpaderpaderpaderpaderp'
Sophie Eden
... I'm fun sized
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Definitely one of my favorites from back in the day -- back when things seemed simpler...happier.  Thank you for bringing back some amazing memories!  :)
Teej Backyard Coasters
The song has grown on me over the years. Impossible to forget! THAT’S about the size of it! The simple, fun illustrations of the physical world plants seeds for a lifetime! At 4, I learned much from this colorful cartoon. \n\nAt 47, I STILL am! Grumbling in traffic? Mumbling words of frustration at the slow grocery checker? See it back a bit! Big becomes small...and it never seems to quit! All a point of view
The Deuce
Wow. I woke up with two lines of some song I couldn't remember stuck in my head. \
Rest in Peace, Bud.
Timothy Brannan
Bud Luckey is like some sort of elder sage that talked exclusively to little kids. And we had NO IDEA how good we had it.
Tommy Amoeba
i remember not being able to sleep the night after seeing this when i was a kid. \nthe song kept playing in my mind and its ideas were making my head swim.
Tyrone Taylor
Venus Taylor
Love how the chorus, or the entirety, of a Sesame Street song can stick with you for decades. I'm about the same age as Sesame Street, and these songs are a part of me forever.
alex carter
Genius. Wonderful animation, and music. How can anyone downvote this?
I'm just sitting here... reliving my childhood.. being an adult sucks!
This is very existential.
I'm so glad I got to experience Sesame Street in the 70's. Better and funnier puppeteers, better songs and better animation shorts...
This is so catchy and wonderful to watch. A pure classic.
This is my JAM!!!! I’d love a high quality of this song. So much wonderful.
Word is that Bud Luckey has the original storyboards for this short in his Pixar office.
That I'm in my late 40's and still enjoy watching clips like this...Wow, great memories. Thanks for posting!
Thats about the size of it.
kaine kainw
and you're so wrong
My entire life could go by and I could never write anything to surpass this masterpiece. Love it!
latvian 420
? :D
it's a cute cartoon :')
native son
1:20 kills me. Two buds walking away together enjoying life. Ah the innocence of this classic
it would be so cute if splinter from the original 1987 \
sparkle light
square kara
RIP Bud Luckey