Two Beautiful Superheroines Hypnotized

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A villain is able to control a beautiful superheroine, then use her to trick the brainwashed hero into giving up her partner.

Brainwash Hypno Hypnosis Mind Control Spell Trance

Adriana Baños
Anthony Smith
Keep up the good work Lona66 The hypnotized superheriones one are great - Have you got any with a vampire turning a superhero into there slave - Keep up the good work.
I want to be her slave
John Q. Public
What happened to their boots?
Karen Angiuoli
zombie tow woaman
Hey Guys! I just want to give a HUUUUUUUUGE thumps up and thanks to all my subscribers. Overnight, I passed the 1.000 subscribers mark and I feel so great! To celebrate, I think I will try my best to answer as many comments/questions as I can from previous videos. JUST PLEASE STOP ASKING ABOUT LINKS OR WHOLE VIDEOS lol.
Rami Djada
Its Assam pls more like this
Zero Il Burattinaio
Hypnosis Christina Carter
oyun psikopatı
what is the name of women