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I was at FabTech in 2012, 2016, & 2017. This year I didn't go to it.
Andrew Lang
Hey man, it’s not a failure. It shows that the shows you go to are legitimately entertaining and that your interested. Remember, your trying to take it all in and show us what you like. Your not a reporter, your a content fabricator. Show us you, not what you think we want 😀 Enjoy brotha
Apocolyptic Motors
Something I've heard from one of your videos (or something pretty dam similar) ... \
Baiker Aleksandr
посмотрел несколько раз. спасибо за обзор.
Basin Motorsports
Any show I've gone to has been difficult to film.  The idea of someone walking around with a camera is getting less awkward, but a lot of people still get irritated by it.  SEMA was hard to get anything good with 100,000 people milling around.  I'm sure FabTech is going to be difficult.  Just do your best.  While we aren't there, your experience should be the focus.  How many of us will get to experience being a guest to sign autographs in a booth?  Tell us what that's like.  We'll see the gear and media eventually, but only you can show us what it was like for you.
Bill Westphal
Man its okay. I get it's like a kid in the candy store. I'm jealous because I'm not there.
Brandon Wilson
You drove right by the house, should have stopped and checked out my Fox. Exit 126 off I-85 just north of Atlanta
Charlie Bardo
Congratulations on the article bud 😎
David R
Ask about the tig and mig helmets what the difference while your there at the show man.
Hotrod Howie
I know the feeling... I am sure you wish you can just have a camera guy follow you... it would be so much easier. Love the magazine... and the show is on my wish list!
Jason Fikes
Dont concern yourself about the content, enjoy the convention and let us know when it's done maybe you can make a summary type review of fab tech vodeo.
Jeremy Glatfelter
I ran a CNBC plasma table that was 131\
John Loefflad
K, just set the camera to record and get it all, sort it out in post that way you’ll have enough to make what you want. Good job.
Johnny Reagan
Wish I could get down there to be able to meet you and chat even for a minute! But I have work to do \
Jon Ivan
Congrats on the article! Best wishes...
I went to FabTech 2016 in Vegas. It was amazing. I wish I could go every year. Enjoy! BTW, just take it all in. I tried to film it when I was there, it was just overwhelming.
Why even mention the shows at all? I agree, this type of content sucks.
waiting for new workshop videos!
Malcolm Young
Just film stuff while you are looking at it , add music and a summary at the end of the day like this one is cool. just if you think its cool enough to look at film it for us to see.... THANKS
Nathan 909
I think the easiest way you could make good content would be to go each both that has something you like and get one of the reps to talk about the product and move on to the next...your giving them free exposure and we get some cool content... maybe it would help you get some sponsorship in the future to...the more people you talk to and get your brand out there the better
It's like when my kid don't get to play with his friends for a long time. then when he went to school, he'd be BSin so much he didn't pay attention to his work. Just a sign you need more bro time, son.
Pierre Flamand
Please don't show the fake news tv station logo on your videos!!!\nGot to drain the Swamp Son.:)
Robert Bray
It's all good. Roll with it....
Sergio Tunes
Shawn Fox Firth
Your doing fine ..I look forward to your post's.
Summit dave
Need a body cam...lol
The Shed
Ah The company i work for is there in building B
Hey Kyle. You're a great dude and have a good thing going here. I've never been in the position you're in, so I can't totally relate or offer my infinite wisdom.😜 You're always giving out positive vibes and good advice, so hopefully, you'll take some in return. You probably put undue pressure on yourself to video for our pleasure and it is appreciated; however, big events like Fabtech and SEMA are so overwhelming, I don't think it's possible to see it all, let alone film and edit it. Unfortunately, when I go to places like that, my eyes are wide open, but I find that I'm not seeing much. Sometimes it's hard to snap out of it, but if you can, I recommend going there and trying to just \
Thomas Storm
applause. still working on the planishing hammers. have to figure the cheapest port and lead time for manufacturing, But price is right. will keep you posted PM
Ty Kellerman
Takes awhile to figure crap out hang in
bobby elee
They have some great stuff there!!! Great videos!
Kyle\nWork ethic and commitment , you never disappoint!
id just like to know what the power is like in that building(s).... i can't imagine how much it takes to power all that lol
will smith
ya gotta get way out of your comfort zone.... you can do it